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I am a qualified Computer Scientist with 2 years of experience in the IT industry. I specialize in data security and am capable of instituting data security systems and networks for the safety of records. I am also able to organize technical information about an organization and work on various network types of equipment alongside solving specialized technological problems by integrating electronic processes. I have a great passion for this job since it can help me develop my skills further as I discharge my mandate of helping an organization achieve success. I subscribe to commitment and teamwork as my work ethics in this industry to avert errors and that is what I walk with wherever I go.

I am strong in building teamwork with my juniors. I sharpen and train them through delegation and continuous assistance. I incorporate new ideas from them in this dynamic and changing ideas to ensure an organization is not left behind. Moreover, I am motivated to get the job done for the satisfaction of the organization’s goals and my values. I like complete and accurate jobs and I strive to ensure I meet my targets. 

I have effectively worked under pressure during my blast one year. I worked for a content design and consultant firm that had many clients with high demand. The organization expected us to double our efforts for the irate clients and was able to successfully incorporate my work ethic of commitment and composure to rally my juniors in the department for complete production without complaints raised. 

I have managed to delegate duties successfully on several occasions and especially when we worked under pressure. I was able to assign my junior supervisor’s roles of overseeing consultancy when I was in charge of content design for six months and the whole exercise was successful. 

May I know the destination of the entity and the plans in place for reaching the target?

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