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In my career, I want to work at improving the integration of environmentally friendly initiatives into the capitalist system. I believe our society has a long way to go to meet the needs of both corporations and the environment, and developing social corporate responsibility should be a top priority in the years ahead. An internship could help me develop many of the skills that can augment my education to offer me the best opportunity in my career.

The Catskill Biodiversity Internship for the Spring of 2014 with the Department of Environmental Conservation looks to be an ideal choice for me in my career goals. The internship would require me to assist the Regional Science Advisor with research and outreach initiatives relating to water quality and biodiversity of the Catskill Region. This could involve preparing a website, preparing scientific literature, preparing a GIS map that relates to Catskill, and participating in a Catskill-based environmental science research project. The internship is unpaid and requires between 10 to 19 hours of my time.

To be successful in this internship, I will need to have a keen interest in environmental issues and, specifically, biodiversity. I have learned a tremendous amount in school about these issues, and I look to develop these skills more when I am on the job and during my upcoming studies. I will also need to be savvy with scientific writing, which is a work in progress, but an area where I feel that I can learn a lot on short notice. Furthermore, I am working on that throughout my time in school. The internship also requires me to be effective at developing webpages, which I have experience at on the template level. I can work harder at learning HTML, which I had planned on doing anyway, and this could improve my chances at securing the internship.

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment

A professional development agency that I think can be very useful for me is the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. This group looks to help young people learn more about working in the non-profit sector, and this is an area where I will likely find most of the work in my environmentally focused goals. Another professional development network that I could benefit from is the Young Professionals Networking Alliance. This group aims to make meaningful connections that allow people to make a positive difference in the world. I believe this group will be effective at helping me to understand the environmental areas that I should be focusing on, while building meaningful relationships.

This internship is a great way for me to get involved in environmental initiatives and develop the skills I need to land a job in this field. Learning from the government will allow me understand the views of the government on how it will move forward with environment initiatives. This is better than only learning about initiatives that are taking place now, which are not as relevant to me because I will not be entering the field for several years. While these components make this internship a valuable opportunity, I will also keep my eye on internships that focus more on corporate social responsibility in relation to the environment. However, I believe this internship with the government will touch on some elements related to how corporations are being run. I also want to point out that this internship is not too intensive, as it is only 10 to 19 hours, and this is something that I can manage while I am in my spring semester next year. Furthermore, the internship is within my state and this is where I want to live after graduating, so the internship could be an in with an organization in the right geographic area.


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