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Social media plays a vital role in marketing and businesses have mastered the art of using digital marketing. Technology offers all businesses, regardless of size the chance to reach their target customers and even expand to newer locations. Currently, social media presence is not just important for businesses to reach their target customers but also remain competitive in the market. Some of the common platforms through which companies can maintain their social media presence include Facebook and Twitter among many others (Morton, 2016). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]Companies now have the chance to explore foreign markets with the advances made in technology.

A strong media presence ensures that a company has a strong brand presence. Studies show that 64 percent of businesses have found the establishment of brand presence to have an effect on boosting their fan base. In addition to making businesses have a strong presence, it also guarantees exposure. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]The exposure applies to both the company and its target population. For instance, a company could keep up with current trends by constantly monitoring the social presence of its clients. The strong social media presence of a company enables it to provide customer care services (Morton, 2016). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] Many clients or customers might have queries on the provided products and services. With a strong social media presence, such persons should be able to get feedback in the most convenient time. Traffic and marketing are equally important for sales in any company. With social media, companies will find it simpler to market provided they find the platforms with the highest traffic. For instance, Twitter and Facebook are ranked as the most popular social media sites. This means that companies could find a huge potential of clients through such platforms. This means that the social media presence would make it easier for companies to market their services and products.

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