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The sequential approach mentioned is an important action in order to establish the foundation of the experimental design in a manner that would promote consistency in the data gathering scheme. For instance, by controlling for distance through the 1-mile limitation and the time element being done over the course of 9 days, with analysis done on days 1, 5, and 9 would be supported by the method in which sequential administration would be done. The essay writer threats to internal validity were clearly stated, such as the environmental variables and time-related variables that may be beyond the researcher’s control. These may affect the outcome of the study, and they must be addressed with more trials. These conditions may hamper the effective determination of the results, they can be managed accordingly through a more proactive approach taken to replicate the study in a manner that can account for various changes in the environmental variables and time-related variables.

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            The description of the study was done with emphasis on the time element to be maintained, which is 120 minutes a week each week so that an evaluation of the process of the material. The assessment of pre-test knowledge is an important aspect that has various threats to internal validity. Sleep schedule concerns, extra study, and the instrumentation can affect the outcome of the study, which needs to be addressed in an effective manner. The way that the test is also delivered can affect the outcome of the study, which must be managed by how the researcher engages in the delivery of such task. The reduction of threats to the internal validity remains an inherent aspect that would focus on eliminating bias in the delivery of the study and ensuring a continuous appeal to successful outcomes where seen fit, particularly in drawing out an atmosphere where randomization and continuous investigation can be supported with minimal hindrance.

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