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H1: Sorority or fraternity membership and demographics significantly influence student’s binge drinking in the college
In any hypothesis, there is a need to authenticate the originality. Even though other studies have reviewed these factors, none of them have been carried out in this college. The hypothesis tests whether the same factors influence the students’ drinking behaviour in the college.

Independent and Dependent Variables
According to Kubachi, Siemieniako and Rundle (2011), the proportion of students engaged in binge drinking seems to be increasing. The proposed hypothesis seeks to determine the factors that influence college binge drinking. In this study, the dependent variable is binge drinking. It depends upon four other independent variables. The first one is the age of the students.  This establishes whether age influences the frequency of drinking, and the amount of alcohol consumed. The second independent variable is the gender of the respondents to determine whether gender influences binge drinking (Godwin, Drennan & Previte, 2016). Third, is the assessment of whether the student’s’ current GPA has an impact on binge drinking tendencies or not. Finally, a review of whether sorority and fraternity membership influences the frequency and the amount of binge drinking. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Theoretical Underpinnings
The research tests whether Rotter’s social learning theory can explain the prevalence of binge drinking in the college (Lefcourt, 2013). The hypothesis specifically tests environmental factors to ascertain whether being part of a particular group increases the likelihood of binge drinking in the College. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] Innate and modeled factors that influence human behavior are held constant (LaBrie, et al., 2007). Rotter had suggested that when the environment changes, the behavior also changes. Assessing whether the demographic and social factors reviewed influence this vice can determine whether the college needs to tailor outreach programs targeting certain demographics. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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