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Injury prevention is important in order to improve the overall health and wellness of people throughout society. Even an injury that is small can cause long-term effects on the ability of people to play, work and live. Injuries are often referred to as being accidents, and when they occur most people understand that they could have been prevented. After an accident, people often say to themselves that they could have been more careful in their activities. They could have used more caution in their actions, and they could have prevented the injury from happening if they had used the tool that was best designed for the job. Injury prevention is an important component of protecting oneself, and the people around them. People like to make small changes in the way that they think and behave, and this can make all the difference in creating the type of safe environment that will help people overcome much of the damage that is caused by accidents. This is why injury prevention is so important.

Injury from violence has such a significant effect on those who are affected by the situation. Those who are victims can have life-long damaging results, and an extensive amount of counselling is often needed to help people overcome the damage that is caused. The amount of counselling, and the likelihood that the counselling will result in a positive benefit, depends on the degree of violence that the person has suffered. For example, if a person has suffered from domestic violence for a very long time, and they did not feel they were in a situation where they were able to receive the help they needed, they may not be able to recover from any amount of counselling – or that person will need long exposure to the counselling. However, if the person has been the victim of violence only over a short period of time, or in a situation where the violence only occurred once, they are far more likely to make a full recovery. This is because long-term exposure to violence can have extreme psychological effects, while short-term exposure does not damage the psyche of the person as deeply.

The damage cause to children who witness violence can be extensive. For example, children who see violence against a parent could develop many emotional consequences, such as confusion, anxiety, anger, fear – and others could become aggressive themselves. The way the child reacts can be influenced by various factors, but a Victim Service Worker is able to support the child and provide the type of referrals to various programs that will help to support the children and parents.

It is important to report injury and violence to the police. In most cases, a support person will be provided to report the crime to the police if that person chooses the option. Victim services agencies are available, and other agencies are on hand to help those who are in need. A Victim Services Worker is often available to ensure that the victim is making many of the correct decisions when reporting their problem. The victim can work with the Victim Services Worker prior to dealing with the police, and they can work out the best course of action to ensure that the person is receiving the type of services that they need in order to deal with the situation in the best way possible. In almost every community a Victim Services Worker is available to develop the type of communication that will ensure there is a smooth transition from the injury of violence to the development of a solution to the problem.

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