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In situ field Research

In situ field Research

Field studies are done in situ, meaning that you watch individuals in their natural contexts. At the same time, they undertake activities you are interested in observing, rather than bringing them into a lab setting or asking them for their views on their behaviors out of context. This enables one to acquire real insights into people’s processes and witness social circumstances that may assist one in understanding how to integrate your goods and services into people’s lives. This paper discusses personal opinions concerning the given video.

According to the video, to organize and perform an in-situ field research visit, there are four essential steps: Here, you’re looking for a mix of people that fit inside your user base while screening participants. During the screening process, you ask participants whether they are willing to be monitored, recorded, and filmed. Plan and brief participants, then ask them about their average day and arrange the meeting when you believe they might do something you are interested in watching. As part of this conversation, you’ll also want to go through logistics for a visit, so be sure to tell them how many individuals will be there and what you intend to do with the data gained. Ensure that they know that is no need for any special preparation before your arrival. It’s a good idea to keep in mind while screening and informing participants that you should avoid telling them precisely what you’re looking for since this might influence what they say during the screening and how they act when you arrive.

After that, one may begin to arrange your setup. If you’re the only one participating in the field tour, recording the sessions might help you return and recollect what you observed and exchange the data with others. It should, however, be discrete enough not to cause undue anxiety for the individual. Having a camera attached to your notes allows you to take notes on both a notebook and a tablet. Once you’ve arrived, do the visit and re-brief the users, explaining that they should act as if you aren’t there. If you have permission from them, make sure they sign it and give you their money. Then take a step back and watch as they return to their daily routines. Make sure you don’t come too near to the individual but get behind them if they’re using a gadget you need to view. After the session, take some time to reflect on what you saw and ask any concerns you may have about what you saw.


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