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Module 4: Career Text
Discussion 4.1
How do hiring parties in your chosen industry prefer to review portfolio work?

In my chosen industry (interior design), hiring parties prefer that I have a website with a portfolio of my work. However, if I do not have a website, I may also submit, in an email, attachments of work that I have completed, either through school or at a professional capacity.

Will you elect to create a portfolio website?

Yes, I will create a portfolio website. This is the easiest way for a potential employer to get a strong concept of the type of work that I can do.

What do you see as the potential advantages and disadvantages of presenting your work in an online format?

By presenting my work on an online format, the employer has easy access to the work that I have completed. Furthermore, it shows how serious I am about interior designing. The employer can also see some of the work that I have completed in a much more user-friendly environment.

Discussion 4.2: Conventions, Contests, and Festivals
Use Internet or other resources to share with your classmates and instructor the name of at least one upcoming meeting, convention, contest or festival related to your major.

Interior Design Show West holds a convention in September for people who are interested in interior design. This is a major industry event that showcases some of the best concepts in interior design. It is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Comment on the professional benefits of participating in the selected activity.

Attending this event will allow me to network with some of the individuals who are at the top of their game. I can let them know some of my design concepts and give them my business card. This could allow me to generate business.

What other professionals are likely to participate?

Designers who are at the top of their game are likely to participate. They will be the ones showcasing what they can do. Meanwhile, there will be many people who are new to the industry looking at the designs, while trying to network with those who have been in the business for a while.

What recognition might be gained by winning a selected contest or competitive festival, for example, or through participation in panel discussions or seminars?

The biggest thing that could be gained is credibility. If you win a contest, people will automatically assume that you know what you are doing. This could lead to a ton of potential new clients. The discussions and seminars also give designers credibility to those who are listening.

Assignment 4.1: Professional Bio and Press Release
Write a one-paragraph professional bio.

XXXXXXXX’s education over the past two years has helped him develop into the type of person who is ready to take on a career as an interior designer. The courses that he has taken have taught him many of the old and new design methods that make him a designers who is not confined to design methods of the past, while not being ignorant to those either. Through his success in recent education in the field, he has become am a top candidate for any design project. While his professional experience is limited to volunteer work, he is still completing his studies and will be a top candidate for any project when he has finished his education.

1B. Write a short press release on yourself or announcing something you or another person are working on.

New Interior Designer Wins National Award for Innovation

New interior designer XXXXXXXX on Wednesday secured the top prize in the Canadian New Interior Design Innovation category. Recent graduates who win this award typically go on to design some of the most high-profile interiors around.

“This win is a major success for me, and sets me up for an incredible future,” XXXXXXXX said. “I will cherish this honour, and hope it will allow me to work on the types of projects that can give me significant professional, and personal, satisfaction.”

The award credits XXXXXXXX as having the most innovative design in 2013 in Canada. The concept for which the award was granted will be developed in an addition to the Parliament building in Ottawa.

“XXXXXXXX is one of those special designers that only come along once a decade,” said XXXXXXXX’s professor, Charles Xavier. “I expect great things from this recent graduate in the years ahead, and this could change the face of interior design as we know it.”

Not long after the award, XXXXXXXX secured a position with YYYYYYYY.
For more information, contact: XXXXXXXX (1111-8222-854, Fax: abc-736-y8n7, Email:  XXXXXXXX, Website: XXXXXXXX

Assignment 4.2: Reference List

Create a professional reference list. Include the names and contact information for three professionals who have agreed to provide information about you and your work.

Client [email protected]

Reference #1

Ms. Reference 1, Junior Consulting Specialist

Interior Consulting

Reference [email protected]

Reference #2

Mr. Reference 2, Manager of Operations

Mr. Reference 2’s company

Reference [email protected]

Reference #3

Mr. Reference 3, General Manager

Mr. Reference 3’s company

Reference [email protected]

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