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We can all relate to spending long, sleepless nights trying to finish a daunting essay. Many students don’t often have a clue about whether the essay they are writing will actually result in a positive grade. Our eyes start to burn, glaze over and become heavy. OMG, you haven’t even finished the first page yet!

Fortunately, new state-of the-art strategies will help you lower stress, get more sleep, and achieve better grades. Following one or more of these 4 stellar techniques will surely give a boost to your writing output. After all, your grades are counting on it!

1)    Know What Counts As Plagiarism

Many students are terrified about whether they are plagiarizing. Maybe they heard stories of friends being reprimanded by their teachers for the discretion. But as long as you are citing your sources in-text and not copying word-for-word without quotations, you are in the clear.

Knowing the rules about what counts as plagiarism can make all the difference between you being able to write like a New York Times reporter on deadline, or like a confused student.

Here are a few important tips to remember:
·      Only use about one quote per paragraph (most paragraphs should be about half a double-spaced page)
·      When paraphrasing, ensure at least every third word is changed so they’ll get past any plagiarism detector, such as
·      Always use in-text citation for all researched material
·      Cite your sources in the references section at the end of your essay

Follow the next step to utilize these tips.

2)    The Double-Screen Method

Now that you know precisely what qualifies as plagiarism, you are more easily able to get the words onto the page without hesitation. To do this most effectively, you will need to open your Internet browser on one half of your computer screen. On the other half, open your word processing software. Now you have an excellent vantage point from which to write your essay.

If you are like most people who have lived much of their lives in the 21st Century, you should be able to type with relative ease without looking at your keyboard. This can be a huge advantage to completing 3 pages per hour.

Simply read the content you are paraphrasing or quoting. At the same time, write your essay. Again, ensure you are changing at least every third word, or quoting the material directly. Also, do not use a single source for more than one double-spaced page.

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  1. Create an Outline

I know, I know… You probably think writing an outline is actually creating more work for you. That is just not the case. An outline does not need to be complicated. In point form, simply write down the areas your teacher’s instructions ask you to cover. You can even use these areas as subheadings so you are sure to address all the teacher’s requirements.

You can break it down based on the number of requirements. For example, if the teacher needs 5 areas to be covered, and your essay needs to be 5 pages, you know to write one page per subheading.

This will keep you focused on the end goal of completing your essay quickly. And because you are specifically addressing each of the teacher’s requirements, you will likely receive a higher grade.

  1. Hire An Essay Writer

Did you know websites with reputable writers will finish your essay for you? All you do is give them your instructions, the number of pages you need, and your deadline. You can then do whatever you like in the meantime. (Maybe you need to catch up on some sleep or go to a party.) It can be challenging to find a website that will deliver your work on time and without plagiarism. You would need to find a site that employs only native English speaking writers, such as MyEssayWriter.Net. Only hiring college grads and professionals in the field in which the essay is being written assures you of a company that takes quality seriously.

What Are You Waiting For?

The more you put it off, the more stress you will add. Do not be a hibernating bear. Right now is your time to take action. Following these tips will help you write faster and achieve higher grades. Hurry! Take action now to avoid any additional undue stress.

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