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As our bodies age, they experience a number of health conditions. Baby boomers are an ageing population and subsequently need to monitor health conditions as soon as they set in and make an informed diagnosis as early as possible. Health conditions that are prevalent in this age bracket include obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. As a people with a busy schedule and time limitations, it becomes increasingly hard to go for regular checkups. As such, diagnosis is delayed and subsequent treatment lags (Bravo, 37). Health conditions therefore set in and proceed on to becoming malignant leading to premature death.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

HOMEZ Home Care kit is an intervention initiative for the benefits of individuals between 50-60 years of age (Bravo, 48). It is an ingenious effort that has combined innovation, partnership and need for quality life to create meaningful differences. Upon creation, the core objective was to provide effective diagnosis and monitoring of health conditions right from your house. In conjunction with the innovative app developers APPUZ, we have designed a homecare system that allows you to send test results in imagery to our doctors right from the comfort of your house and receive a medical report in less than 60 minutes (Bravo, 32). The medical report is easy-to-comprehend and avoids use of medical terms.

Our range of home care kits includes monitoring kits that allows our partnering doctors to assess the effectiveness of the treatment being undertaken.  It prompts our doctors to give feedback that may necessitate treatment adjustment or recommend continued use of the current treatment.  An example is the Glucose Testing Strip used to monitor Diabetes. This strip will allow you to monitor glucose levels until the blood sugar levels are well within range.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Another set of kits allows for diagnosis and screening of any impending health condition. These care kit will pick up any disease or health conditions in people who may appear healthy. Most of the health conditions reside silently in our bodies and will only show slight symptoms in latter stages. For example, this kit maybe used to gauge cholesterol and tryglyceride levels in the body. The readings from this kit prompts individuals to make choices that may minimize the risk for heart disease.

These homecare kits offer a myriad of benefits.  First, they enable monitoring of diseases thus playing an active role in keeping you healthy. Second, they ensure high levels of privacy are maintained. Third, results are received quickly speeding up subsequent treatment if need be.

However, it is important to note that health and sickness are not only complex issues but they are broad and are only be correctly managed by a team of practitioners (Bravo, 26). Our homecare kits offer the best result when used under a comprehensive care program supervised by a medical practitioner. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

With Homecare Kits, we ensure that the correct medical device is delivered to you; helping you stay healthy and assisting you in speedy recovery.

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