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Grant Proposal on the Use of Technology in Improving Education in the Language and Arts

Recent advancements in modern technology have continually led to the progression of various industries and propelled them to heights that would be otherwise impossible. In similar fashion, the education sector has taken various steps in making accessibility to information much faster and better.

Executive Summary
With a focus on languages and arts, research by various scholars has indicated that accessibility to cutting edge information in learning is expected to boost the teaching and learning process. As such, we intend to propel a pilot program that infuses technology in the learning process. A parallel study will be conducted as a benchmark to measure the improvements in students’ excellence in core subjects. It will be used as a comparison to the theory presented.

The key purpose of the proposed program is to enable the provision of innovative technology in the classroom as a means of improving learning. The core measure of success of the project will be the change in performance of the students in core subjects – which in this project are the language and arts. A secondary objective of the program is to conduct a synchronous study to determine the impacts of technology in the excellence of students in their core subjects.
Work Schedule

Implementation Plan
The program is to be implemented in a series of steps beginning with the acquisition of hardware resources. It will be followed by the installation of required software and services from a selected provider. A sample class will be chosen to pilot the program for a given period, which will then pave the way for the rest of the population to access the services. Also, there will be the recruitment of data collection officers to help in the gathering and analysis of data.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Owing to the stipulated budget, development of an independent and wholly owned system solution is impossible. As such, we approached Google Inc. for the provision of software and support services. The program will be based on Google’s Classroom project, together with their Chrome OS. However, the OS will not be installed on Google’s Chromebooks as is the norm, but rather on lighter tablet computers. The use of tablets enables better mobility in comparison to notebooks, which is a primary concern of the main objective.

Instruction Methods
Initial instruction will be performed in collaboration with Google Classroom experts to guide the process. Once the project has gained the sought after level of stability, the teachers will be left to continue the program. However, the traditional instructional methods will still be used as a hand in hand method.
Interdisciplinary Experiences
While the focus group is concentrated on language and arts, the program is an opportunity for both the instructors and students to gain information in the field of technology and computing.
Projected Impact
The estimated project impact is intended to an initial 50 students in the pilot program. These are those taking courses related to Language and Arts. However, once this is deemed successful, the program will be extended to cover other departments and therefore include about 200 learners. Among the intended participants of the project, the initial tests are set to be conducted on the first class of 25 students.
Long Term Applicability
The successful application of this proposed program is expected to have far-reaching advantages. The successful integration of the program should not only enable better access to information on the subjects taught in the school’s curriculum but also have access to widespread courses and tutelage and student resources from Google’s Classroom platform. In addition to being able to carry them and use them anywhere, the students will learn the skills of self-teaching which will allow them to acquire new skills in the future on their own without reliance on teachers in a classroom setup.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

 Evaluation Plan
The program will have a two-fold assessment process. The first, which will be used to test the success of the core objective, will be based on the improved skills of the students. Since the introduction of the technology is intended to improve learning and teaching, it is only imperative to find a means to gauge the success. This could be achieved through aptitude tests and exams on the usage of technology. Also, there is a need to measure whether or not there is an improvement in the excellence and performance in the core subjects. To achieve this, data on the exams done at the institution after the introduction of this program is collected. An analysis of the same is conducted to determine whether there exists a correlation and whether there is an improvement or slack in the learners’ performance.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Budgetary Items
For the successful implementation of the project, various purchases are needed as well as several costs for services rendered. Among these is the cost of buying the required tablet computers, and purchasing of server hardware. The tablet computer of choice is the BTC Flame UK Quad Core 7? Tablet PC (Best Tablet Company, 2015). The server is required to hold data locally. Such includes tutorial information, grading schemes and results, and exams. However, there is an option to use Google’s servers to keep such data in the cloud. In addition to these purchases, there are costs related to a systems administrator who will be paid to set up the systems and networks required. A data scientist will also be hired to help with the collection and analysis of data about the past and current performance. It should help to determine trend analysis that should help visualize the impact of the new system. The rates for the data scientist are $38.51 per hour (U.S. Department of Labor, 2015) and for the systems admins are $37.41 per hour (U.S. Department of Labor, 2015). These are tabulated below.

Budgetary Items
PURCHASES: Price Units needed Totals
Tablets  $   45.26 50  $ 2,263.00
Server and related utilities  $ 729.00 1
FEES: Wage per hour Hours projected Totals
Systems Administrator  $ 37.41 40  $ 1,496.40
Data Analyst  $ 38.51 24  $    924.24
 $ 4,683.64

Best Tablet Company. (2015). BTC Flame UK quad core 7? tablet PC. Retrieved from U. S

Department of Labor. (2015). Occupational outlook handbook, 2016-2017. New York, NY: Skyhorse Publishing.

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