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How Listening to Music Can Serve as the Source of Inspiration


Music occupies a greater part of our life. Musical preferences may change
depending on what the person does and feels. Students are among the category of people,
who engage themselves into listening to music quite a lot, while having parties, going in for
sport and even writing essays.
When the person listens to the music, the brain area called “nucleus accumbens” is
activated. It produces dopamine – the hormone influencing our mood. It is located in the
ventral tegmental area that is a part of “brain reward system.”
Dopamine may be produced in different situations, for example, when you eat your
favorite dish or get a new subscriber on Twitter. Besides, the amount of produced dopamine
and experienced feelings depend on surprise effect. For example, a new song will bring you
more joy than favorite but old one. In various cases, music is at your service as an amazing
tool in the process of writing, when the student should get some inspiration. While many
students are thinking “who can write my essay fast”, music can upgrade the writing skills
and help writing the text on one’s own.

How to Concentrate on Work with the Help of Music?

The ability to concentrate on some tasks (to cope with them in time) is a very
valuable quality possessing which you will be able to achieve good results in any sphere. To
oppose the easy way of getting custom writing help or downloading cheap essays online the
person can go the hard way. You definitely noticed that often it’s hard to concentrate on
some work or study regardless of your efforts. That is why the ability to concentrate on
some task is a very useful skill students need to have.
There are various ways of how to get inspiration for a more productive work and,
perhaps, the most pleasant one is listening to the music. However, psychiatrists don’t have
a single opinion here. For some people, it’s a great opportunity to concentrate, while others,
on contrary, may get irritated or distracted by it. This is purely individual, although it is
possible to find out some common factors. For example, classical music wakes up
creativity, opens new areas of knowledge and helps to concentrate. Modern genres have a
different influence on a person’s productivity. For example, jazz and soul can either
stimulate working efficiency or tune the listener to some romantic mood. As for the rock and
metal, these musical genres cause depression with some people, while others may get
inspiration from them. Besides, if some external noises disturb you, music may become a
real salvation.

Noises that Ruin Your Concentration

Very often, impossibility to concentrate is caused by some noises from the
surrounding world. This may be the radio or the television noise.
You may also become distracted by some sounds from the street. To minimize the
influence of all these sounds, it’s better to go into another room that is more quite, or just
close the window.
Besides, people who are in the same room with you, may also worsen your
concentration. Just explain them that you are busy and need silence for maximal
concentration. Ability to concentrate in noisy places is a rare one, not every person
possesses it.

Create a Good Climate for Work

Different people have different musical preferences. For example, a famous writer
Stephen King loves to work while listening to the hard rock, although for most people it will
be impossible to concentrate with the help of this genre. Every person may find the favorite
music based on experience, even students who are struggling upon fast essay writing for an
important subject.
One of the simplest rules is to make up the list of famous and favorite compositions,
because during listening to some new music an individual may become distracted by
memorizing and identifying of new sounds. As a result, one will pay attention to the music
playing at the moment instead of work. In the process, the level of dopamine may increase
and there will be no desire to work.
It is proved that music without words has more positive influence on productivity.
That is why many people like listening to classical music. It would be always easier to
support your essays writing process by a very nice music that will encourage and even
grant energy for accomplishing the task that was imposed on your shoulders. However, if
you find difficulties in such an interesting and creative process, you can always browse the
web for essay samples or go to online writing company for some extra help.
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