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Finding Sources

Finding Sources

Recent changes in our societies have resulted in the emergence of different technologies that serve different purposes, including communication, entertainment, and education. However, these technologies have also resulted in children and adolescents developing addiction, especially the internet hence the need to be closely supervised by their parents. Different studies have been conducted concerning the relevance of parental control to children’s and adolescents’ online behavior. Therefore, this paper seeks to expound on the search strategies I used to locate scholarly and peer-reviewed resources from the Carleton University Library database.

The first search strategy that I used to access the Carleton Library database was clicking on the resources tab at the top of the course page. After logging in to the library resources, I found two links where one contained scholarly sources and peer-reviewed articles. In contrast, the other link contained the Library and Information Resources Network.  Secondly, I selected the first link since I believed it would contain various resources that were relevant to my study topic. Thirdly, I then clicked on the keywords “online child safety and parental control.” At this point, different articles popped up, and I selected the ones written less than five years ago. Most of the articles that emerged were peer-reviewed articles, and I believe they will help me with the crucial information related to my topic.

After going through the different articles, I selected one written by Baldry et al. (2019).  Fourthly, I narrowed down to this article after scanning for articles written from 2016 to 2021. I selected this article because it was written recently hence has up-to-date information regarding the importance of parental control in regulating their children’s online behavior.

This article was written by Anna Costanza Baldry, Anna Sorrentino, and David P. Farrington in 2019. The article’s title is dubbed “cyberbullying and cyber victimization versus parental supervision monitoring and control of adolescents’ online activities.” The study used a total of 4390 Italian adolescents aged 13-20 years. Questionnaires were used to gather qualitative data from the participants (Baldry et al., 2019). The authors in this article note that children and adolescents who use technology reap numerous advantages, including socialization and learning. However, its constant use is also linked to cyberbullying and cyber victimization. Parents can actively supervise and monitor their children’s actions to ensure that they do not suffer from these vices. Additionally, parents can also limit and control the duration when their children use these technologies. Although the two strategies may be ideal, parents should do it in a way that does not provoke their children or affect their parent-children relationships.


Baldry, A. C., Sorrentino, A., & Farrington, D. P. (2019). Cyberbullying and cyber victimization versus parental supervision, monitoring, and control of adolescents’ online activities. Children and Youth Services Review96, 302-307.




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