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Field Experience Reflections

Field Experience Reflections

This term, I have been completing my internship as an assistant at Williamsburg Enterprises. In brief, Williamsburg Enterprises is a niche real estate investment firm that specializes in acquisitions, development, and leasing. My position in the firm is that of a personal assistant to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). I have always believed in a hands-on approach to learning, and this internship provides an excellent opportunity to put what I have learned in class to use. In my ambition to becoming a company owner, the training gave me the chance to open my eyes and learn in an actual work environment. Thus far, my internship experience has certainly prepared me for the realities of the workforce.

Summary of Organizational Structure

The organizational structure at Williamsburg Enterprises describes how certain operations are conducted to meet their organizational aims. These actions may involve the implementation of rules, roles, and duties. The Board of Directors entails elected shareholders, who are the CFO and the CEO of Williamsburg. Although there are a range of other staff who serve various roles in the company, I report directly to the CFO and CEO of Williamsburg Enterprises.

The company typically invests alongside current partners and established executives who have shown a capacity to thrive in their respective industries. While most of the company’s assets are in Texas, the corporation is always looking for possibilities in other states.


As a personal assistant to both the CEO and CFO, I hold a wide range of responsibilities. First, I have a couple of basic administrative duties that I attend to on a regular basis. This includes welcoming visitors to the office and responding to any inquiries that occur, whether in-person or over the telephone. Some additional everyday tasks that I was responsible for included driving the CEO to meetings and other places for business reasons, upholding vendor relations, ordering office equipment, shadowing the CFO and the CEO in meetings, and ensuring that the office is always presentable and professional.

My Experiences

My most significant success this semester has been reaching and exceeding my internship goals. I have improved my capacity to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines, something I was honestly afraid I would never be able to do. In my interactions with fellow interns and company clients, I have also learned values such as perseverance, resilience, and hard effort. These principles have helped me to carry out the tasks that have been entrusted to me and ensure that I give them my best effort. This internship course has given me significant experience as I participate in teamwork-related tasks. Overall, I have realized that working in groups is vital if an organization wants to get things done.

Further, I was able to redirect my professional ambitions toward my ideal job. I have truly realized how important it is to understand the technical abilities required for my job. The internship training helped me to solve day-to-day difficulties by applying technical skills particular to the real estate sector. I have also improved my critical thinking and communication abilities. During the course of my internship, I faced situations that necessitated a cautious approach. The abilities have helped me to successfully solve workplace issues without endangering the organization’s growth.

Finally, the training has opened my awareness to the issues that the real estate business faces. During this COVID-19 pandemic, this industry was arguably among the most heavily impacted. That is, many businesses have been completely or partially shut down. As a result, numerous staff have been laid off or have had their salaries reduced. This time has been a litmus test for real estate managers, and how they deal with the epidemic will decide the survival of businesses.

Looking Ahead

If I want to achieve my career goals, I have realized the value of networking in helping make these goals a reality. As an intern ready to enter the working world after finishing my education, I understand how important it is to maintain contact and develop positive working relationships with every key individual that comes my way. My first and most crucial step has been to contact specialists in the hotel sector. These folks have been really helpful in assisting me in expanding my understanding of the professional route. I’ve organized all of my connections according to their occupation. Categorization of all contacts has been critical in deciding who I need for a certain reason.

These relationships will be useful in obtaining referrals from other contacts of individuals I will need to establish myself in the business sector. I’ve always tried to stay in touch with my contacts via social networking platforms like LinkedIn, phone calls, texting, and setting up meetups. The importance of the contacts is not in using them to make connections, but in every good encounter with them. As a result, I’ve made an effort to make my contacts feel valued. I strive to avoid behaviors that are likely to sever relationships, knowing that my job advancement is dependent on it. Social networking has improved my communication skills and made me a more outgoing person.



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