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Ferdinand Response

I do agree with Ferdinand that Six Sigma is an excellent choice for all organizations regardless of whether in the government or private sector. The private sector is popular for its use and this is due to the tendency to market and implement the program. However, many government sectors simply use this program without giving serious consideration to enforcement or implementation.

Given the range of benefits that come with the use of Six Sigma, the government should consider making it a primary choice. In this case, the government should ensure that all departments are based on the system while at the same time ensuring the public understands the benefits of engaging with the same. The list of disadvantages provided also reveals why the government has not given much emphasis on the use of this program. For instance, since it requires skilled force for implementation, which would mean that the government gets to add more workers. In addition, it also shows that its operations are time-consuming as they have several bureaucratic procedures.

Given the fact that it is a program, it denies most people the chance to practice innovation. A government should always aim towards increasing employment opportunities, which would mean reducing the need for such programs. Balancing the need for efficiency and employment opportunities is a key factor of concern for most governments, which would describe why there is a lack of implementation.

Therefore, based on an evaluation of the pros and cons of the Six Sigma program, I would suggest that it is mainly used in the private sector. The government has a social responsibility towards its citizens, which makes the use of such programs a threat to such a goal.

William Response

Hello William, I find your opinion of Six Sigma quite interesting and agree with most of your points. One of the aspects that I agree with is that all programs usually have shortcomings. In the case of Six Sigma, Innovation Companies faced the biggest challenge as they had problems with reconciling their metrics. I consider such companies as examples as the same problem could face even the service and manufacturing industries.

However, such an issue can be solved by the use of skilled employees. This refers to people who can run this program effectively and maximize its benefits rather than experiencing losses. The misinterpretation of people associating BSC with a tool that delivers solutions rather than the framework through which the decisions are to be made results in more damages.

The progressive nature of BSC should also be considered as you mentioned in the case of Apple. By applying this tool to a company and making progressive improvements, the involved companies are likely to share a similar future as Apple. The fact that many people fail to read the Harvard Business Review also shows that many other companies could make a similar mistake. I believe that if most organizations would conduct research prior to making such decisions then they would benefit more from Six Sigma.

Based on a personal perspective, the simplest way through which organizations can benefit from BSC would be borrowing from others who have attained success. As you have suggested, Apple would provide an excellent choice as it managed to enjoy all benefits that come with Six Sigma. Culture and politics will be vital for the successful use of BSC in any organization.

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