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In “Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf,” several commonalities emerge with Vladimir Propp’s analysis of folk tales. Propp outlines 31 functions and this paper will outline the areas that “Tsarevitch Ivan” follows these functions. It follows function 1 by having a family member leave home. In fact, all three brothers leave the home, and Ivan is distinct because of his skill at acquiring the feather of the golden bird, the horse with the golden mane, and Helen the Beautiful. He is also noted for his heroic journey with the Grey Wolf. Also, the story falls into the 2nd function, which is the command not to follow.

He does this by trying to take the golden cage and the golden railing. And Ivan ignores the interdiction, which follows number 3 of the functions. Number 4 is followed, as his brothers are the villains. Number 5 is followed, as the villainous brothers learn about Ivan’s accomplishments. The villains then take possession of the belongings (function 6). The victim, however, is not fooled by the villain, which is number 7. In number 8, the victim is harmed by the villains when he is murdered. In number 9, the misfortune is known when the Grey Wolf finds his dismembered body. In number 10, the Grey Wolf decides on a counter-action to revive Ivan. In number 11, the hero left home to find the fire bird. In number 12, the hero is tested when he faces the three roads, and when he acquires each of the golden possessions, and Helen the Beautiful. With number 13, Ivan, the hero, takes back his beloved. In number 14, the hero acquires the grey wolf, which is the magical agent. In number 15, Ivan is on search for the golden treasures. In number 16, there is no direct combat with Ivan and his brothers. In number 17, the hero is wounded when he is killed. In number 18, the villainous brothers are defeated by the truth of their actions. In number 19, the misfortune is fixed when Ivan returns to his father and his beloved, and the brothers are sent to prison. In number 20, Ivan returns to his father. In number 21, Ivan was killed by his brothers. In number 22, Ivan was rescued by the Grey Wolf. In number 23, Ivan does not recognize that he was killed, but thought he was asleep. In number 24, the false heroes, Ivan’s brothers, present false claims about attaining the horse, bird and girl. In number 25, Ivan had the difficult task of attaining the bird, horse and girl. In number 26, the task is resolved when he finally returns to his father and his beloved. In number 27, there is no connection with the story, as there isn’t something that Ivan is branded with. In number 28, the villainous brothers are exposed. In number 29, the hero is not given a new appearance, except he was wed to Helen the Beautiful. In number 30, the villainous brothers are sent to prison. In number 31, Ivan marries Helen the Beautiful and is the likely heir to the throne.

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