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External Factors that Impact Organization

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External environment influences organizations through various means. The environment constitutes several factors that dictate the direction of a business in daily operations. Covid-19 is a natural pandemic that inhibits the performance of an entity just like many other natural or human cases of calamities. The emergence of the virus during the last days of 2019 influenced the operations of several companies through infections, deaths, lockdown, and reduction of employees as measures of combating it. The meat sector in the US has always remained an essential sector due to the high consumption and number of those employed in the industry. Meatpacking plants were one of the major casualties that were hit by the calamity in the US that saw several people lose their jobs while working hours and patterns were reorganized in the containment bid. Illustratively, maintaining the health and safety of the employees and employers was the main aim of most entities that instituted stringent measures. 

To be a successful manager amidst the current conditions, organizational leaders need to embrace the reality of the dangers posed by the virus across every sector. Management should follow the guidelines issued by the departments of health to ensure the safety of every member of society and not only the employees. Policies that aim to reduce contraction ad transmission of the virus should be championed by managers who pursue successful business environments to protect both the business name for posterity and the general population. Successful managers strive to ensure that vaccination and testing of the disease are heightened for a conducive operating environment that creates ample working time and space for every employee. Moreover, most managers struggle to change the demographic perception about the virus by conducting education and training to their employees to prepare them in advance. The strategy ensures that people accept the disease and find means of controlling and living with it.

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