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The presence of a supreme being is a fact that very few people would dare try to disapprove. As Plato, I will provide several reasons to convince you (aliens) that God truly does exist. I have never been to your planet of had the pleasure to share your life experiences, but I can share with you what I have witnessed here on earth. We have many beautiful occurrences such as sunsets, the oceans, and even mountains. Such beauty would never have formed themselves on their own. There was obviously someone with a plan and a vision for the world as it stands. The defining principles of different objects show the value of these physical features. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In addition to these beautiful features, we have had the pleasure of living with different noble things. For instance, the world is run by virtues such as truth, excellence, and virtue. This shows that we have been designed to live in a specific order. This is why most of us manage to lead lives full of justification. I would define God as the form of Goodness (Uebersax, 2013). If you look at history, people have made remarkable steps towards development, and this Supreme Being can only have made that possible. Even the fact that you (aliens) have managed to come to earth and resurrect some of us shows that God does exist.

Even the fact that we are here right now shows that we are making progress towards development. With your advanced technology and our knowledge of God, it should be easier to make the world a better place. One of the virtues that God requires people to exist in is peace. Therefore, I appreciate the fact that you have visited our planet, and we are now interacting peacefully. With this instance, I can see a better future in which humankind and those from different planets will get to co-exist. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 1
I would also like to add that in the past, Christopher Columbus managed to navigate the world, and that could be compared to such a situation. The only difference is that two planets are involved, and people have been brought back to life. His discovery managed to change how people interacted in both trade and social ties. God stated that people should live with their neighbors peacefully and obviously, that is what followed. In the event of such an event, it would make more sense to state that God obviously gave the aliens the knowledge to come up with such technology and come to resurrect his people. In addition, the plans of God are beyond people, and he has often worked with different people to achieve different goals.

Response 2
Since the mentioning of mountains and oceans has been common, it would also be effective to ask the aliens whether they have such features on their planet. If the aliens state that they have the same features, then I could state that a supreme being was obviously responsible for the formation of such features. However, if they state that they do not have such features, then one could still argue that it was God’s work to bring them to earth and witness some of the beauty of the earth. By giving them the chance to mention some of the features they have in their planet will give them insight on some of the things they could be taking for granted.

The final and most important aspect is the gift of life. They should understand the reason why both their race and the human race existed. The explanation of a supernatural being is most convincing especially having explained the different virtues by which humankind lives. Life should be one of the factors that link the alien race and human race and it could make a core argument to convince them of the existence of a Supreme Being.

Uebersax, J. (2013, November 28). Plato’s Proof of God’s Existence. Retrieved September 19, 2016, from Christian Platonism:

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