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The ability to effectively support an interest or a cause on one’s behalf or that of others requires set of abilities that include communication, problem solving, collaboration and influence.   It is vital for care nurses to use and develop advocacy skills to address work place concerns, advocate for profession and promote positive working environment (Advocating for Nurses and Nursing, 2016.).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In one of the hospitals where I did my 1st placement as a nursing student, nurses were concerned about the increasing occurrence of back injuries. The nursing officer in charge and I approached the medical facility risk manager, who organized a committee to develop a program to reduce the occurrence of back injuries. The nursing staffs were involved in developing the program and testing products. The lifts and the transfer devices available to facilitate safe patient handling and ensure staff safety were reviewed. In addition training and use of the equipment to other health workers was done by the nurses. The nurses also served as champions for eliminating manual lifting of patients. As a result some healthcare cadre adopted the methods while others rejected with the view that they were not involved from the beginning.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

It is essential, during the process of advocacy to work with the persons affected by the issue in this case the physiotherapists, patient transporters and physiotherapist. In addition, the advocate should work in collaboration with others in the organization who are interested in solving the issue because these individuals may have expertise that might be beneficial to the effort (Apker, Propp, Ford, & Hofmeister, 2006). Developing a collaborative association with professionals in support department, in this case risk department was instrumental when addressing matters that involve this unit. Similarly seeking out support staff in other settings, such as legislative aid could equally be helpful. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


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