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For much of my childhood, I was a very troubled kid. My nights were characterized by dreams about destructions, death, gangs, and many violent behaviors. I often woke up drenched in sweat. It was difficult to understand why I was always uneasy. I was the second born of three siblings. My dad was a technology whiz who spent much of his time on the computer working and reading. My mom initially stayed at home although she was a qualified marketer. Eventually, she got a job in a marketing consultancy firm and spent much of the day at work. I attended the same private school with my siblings and life was somewhat progressed in the same manner as everyone e. At the age of 12, my parents transferred me to a public school after I insisted. The rules and regulations in private school were just too much for me, and I never found joy in that school.

To a large extent, the life a child undergoes usually influences the manner in which they act and relate. For many children, bad behavior often arises out of the lack of proper family care and support from home, as Harrison (2010) writes. At my new public school, I became more mature and confident although my academic performance slightly became poor. The challenge was made worse when my parents divorced, and I did not have the usual care I always received at home. At age 15, I started acting out and had several friends. We spent much of our weekend time drinking and smoking pot. The situation completely changed when I joined high school. My life became a mess when I became friends with students with whom we would commit petty crimes. It was a time when my life was at its peak. I was completely outrageous although I was always cool. I became so ingrained in alcohol and drugs. After high school, I joined McGill University and began dating.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

There is a general agreement on how university life influences the lives of young people. According to Maher and Page (2015), the friendships and opportunities afforded by college life enable many students to adopt different mannerisms. For my case, college life only added to the challenges I had already developed. Even though I kept my drug addiction a secret from many people, the effects were always evident. I discovered that cocaine pills would make me happy and engaged most of the time. As a result, I became so addicted to the drug that it controlled my life. Once I took a cocaine tablet, I would party the whole night without feeling tired. Afterward, I would spend two days exhausted and affected by the withdrawal. My addiction grew strong and it became difficult to manage my life without the drug. My weight dropped, and my academic grades drastically plummeted. From the outside, my life looked manageable, yet I personally felt I was beyond control. The cocaine took complete control over me and everything else seemed less important. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Many people do not understand how a drug addict operates their life. For many people, drug addicts are simply irresponsible individuals who waste their lives when they should be focused on bettering themselves. People do not realize that many addicts would want to have better lives devoid of drugs, but they simply cannot manage. Towards the end of my college education, my cocaine use skyrocketed. I developed a kind of paranoia on many issues. I kept wondering what other people felt and talked about me. I wondered what would happen if the police knew about my drug usage. These thoughts and worries made me plunge myself into more cocaine to feel better. Somehow, I felt that my life could still be rescued. I had a feeling that I belonged to academia. After college, I began looking at my life in great retrospect. I read books about drug addiction and how to overcome it. I got a daytime job and enrolled for a master’s degree in political theory. Although I was still using cocaine, I became a bit conscious of myself and my situation. It was during that time when I met Javier, a tall, lanky guy with a Spanish accent. Although he was also a cocaine user, he was striving to find a means of ditching the drug addiction. Javier gave me the inspiration that drug addiction is a disease that could be managed and overcome. I, therefore, became confident on the possibility that my situation could be addressed.

The idea of addressing or managing drug addiction begins when the victim accepts their situation and understands the need for a better life. Although I was staying in a different town from my family members, they frequently called to find out how I was going on. For a long time, I managed to hide my condition from them, and my dad only heard about my situation from my friends. In December 2007, I joined a rehabilitation center. My father had agreed to pay for my rehabilitation and I was willing to spend the one month at the center. For once, I was happy that people were thrilled about me since I had agreed to begin changing my life. Although I was delusional, I was fully contented with myself on the premise that my life would take a different course to enable me to pursue my dreams. I had no more time for self-deception; I was ready to take charge and live a better life. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The time spent in a rehabilitation facility is a challenging experience for any cocaine addict. It exposes one to self-awakening while also making the addict realize the gravity of the situation (Gruenert, 2010). I spent one month in the center suffering from hallucinations, desperation, and loneliness. While everyone was supportive during that time, the feeling was not always simple as expected. I also developed denial which undermined my recovery process. Strangely enough after one month, I was able to take charge of myself and put behind my cocaine addiction. However, I had always wrongly assumed that cocaine and alcohol were my only limiting challenges and that I would be comfortable as soon as I ditched them. It was only after recovery when I realized that my problem emanated from my thinking. I had made the world revolve around me through my uneasiness, hate, and anger. As a result, everything good in life was obscured by short-sightedness. This self-revelation of me was a crucial turning point and helped me recover even more.

I spend the next few months making amends and trying to connect with good friends and family members. Everyone seemed to understand and accept me and forget about the past. I feel sad that some of my friends who were unable to overcome addiction have since died.  Many people believe that cocaine addiction is a result of many bad choices. However, it must be understood that occasionally it happens due to situations beyond personal control. Today, I spend some time doing voluntary work in rehab facilities and encouraging victims.


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