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Lens Characteristics
Eight Tips for Beginners is an article that explores the basic elements of photography and filmmaking. It addresses the principles to be engaged by first-time filmmakers outside of the classroom structure. The article reinforces the need to avoid beginner mistakes, which are prevalent in the film making discipline. It explores the appropriate lens characteristics for different settings, addresses the mistake of Shaky-Cam, headroom, lighting and the editing process. Lastly, the article examines the need for the choosing of the appropriate background which will complement the images captured.

Lens characteristics provide the most interesting insight in the article. Many times beginners tend to engage the zoom aspect in the camcorder even when this can be avoided. The zoom option may curtail the quality of the captured images (8 Tips for Beginners, 2016). Instead of zooming, one should capture the images as they are, and then edit them later. It is also prudent for one to move closer to their objects to capture all the details that may be missed when the image is zoomed in. In zooming in, one engages the wide-angle lens which compared to the telephoto lens, has an increased number of visual characteristics (8 Tips for Beginners, 2016). A shorter lens in zooming should only be engaged when one wants to capture everything in the frame focused. Likewise, the concept of foreshortening can be employed to enhance the image in focus. Foreshortening comprises the process of bringing the background into the focus through the mitigation of the zoom aspect.

Conclusively, videography entails several regulatory frameworks. The capture of quality image is subject to a myriad process. It is necessary for one to explore other image capturing initiatives other than the repeated employ of the zoom in option. I believe that successful videography should involve good land appropriate lighting depending on the nature of the images and background being captured. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Continuity in Videography 
Thanks for your post. I noticed the error of continuity in the movie Terminator 3: The Rise of Machines. The film, produced in 2003, follows the story of one Nick Connor who is unaware of his existence. However, he is being pursued by a machine that is intent on killing him. Now Connor’s survival depends on another machine from his past known as the Terminator. They strive to maneuver ways through which they can overcome the superior malignant machine name T-X.
There are several instances of a continuity error in the movie. The error of continuity in videography occurs when a subsequent image does not correspond to the previous image. It is observed when the main characters in the movie are in the hangar waiting to board a plane. On the ground, the number on the plane is seen to be N3035C. However, when the plane is in the air, it is shown to have the numbers N3973F. However, on landing, the plane is shown to have reclaimed the initial numbers N3035C (Mostow, 2003). Likewise, when Kate, a character in the film takes a call in the middle of the night, she is shown to hold a Nokia 8310. However, in the subsequent scene, she is shown to be holding a blue Nokia 51xx. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In conclusion, continuity errors occur because of abrupt changes in the scenery of the films. It is further a culmination of the changing roles in the sequence of the film. Sone of the ways to mitigate continuity errors include the taking of photographs of the cast before the beginning of the shoot and after the shoot to analyze the consistency of their costumes. Likewise, the shooting of the scenes should be conducted continuously without a break to enhance continuity. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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