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The Bible Believers website as an excellently designed website that provides a reader with insight on matters of the Holocaust. The author uses statistics to deliver the message that the Holocaust was a hoax. The Holocaust has been an issue that has made the world understand the consequences of war and the extreme manners in which people are likely to act. This website effectively addresses the author’s opinion that the Holocaust was a hoax, and this is shown based on his expectations. He expects that people will come to agree with his opinion that the Jews have been deceiving the world for decades. From a personal perspective, I would consider this review as effective and insightful as it provides different details for people to relate with the accusations made against the Nazis (Weber, 2016). Therefore, some of the factors that I considered while evaluating this website include the use of statistical information and real life experiences.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 1
I also realize that the website makes use of a neutral language in an insightful manner. While the author seeks to make people believe that the Holocaust was a hoax, he is keen to use a language in which the reader gets to make the final decision. This shows why the web content could be considered highly applicable to people of different cultures. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 2
The review is also well broken down to make the reader understand the series of events. For a historical event such as the holocaust, it would be vital to consider the logical steps. Max Weber even goes ahead and uses subheadings in the web content to make the information easier for the readers. I expect that a good website should be in a position to make the reader skim through and have insight on what to expect. With this website, it would be simple for people to look through the subtitles and get a general overview.

Response 3
I expected the use of real life events that people could relate with in modern times. This includes the use of current population dynamics to disapprove the details provided during the Holocaust. Max Weber understands that people can easily relate to history while looking at real time events. That would explain why he states that the Holocaust was just a theory through which the Jews could gain global sympathy to help them survive in a politically hostile environment.

Response 4
The most important section of this website review is that it provides a reason for the actions taken by the Jews. The fact that the Jews are offered donations by different countries annually could prove to people why there is motive to keep such a conspiracy ongoing. Such a conclusion tends to add to the author’s main message, which is the Holocaust being a hoax. Based on such an issue, I would not like a website that leaves me in suspense. Therefore, based on this information, I will make my personal decision on whether to agree with the author.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Weber, M. (2016). Is the Holocaust a hoax? Retrieved October 31, 2016, from Bible Believers:

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