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1: By the end of this work term, I will have a better understanding of Social Media website platforms available and their functionalities so that the university can be able to advertise our events. This understanding will come in handy in getting more student involvement in non-academic programs that we are offering. I will measure my achievement towards this end by constantly monitoring the number of new users enrolling to our non-academic programs as well as the number of advertisements that the university will put up pertaining our events. I will engage with my supervisor in order to achieve this goal. The major obstacle towards my set goal is that I have not been a very keen user of the social media available and I will therefore, take some time not just to learn the ropes but also to incorporate this goal to the knowledge I will have gathered regarding the use of these social media platforms.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

2: By the end of this work term, I want to have expanded upon my organizing skills, especially at organizing large crowds and vendors at our events. I had difficulty managing 4300 students in the foyer of the auditorium and this really challenged my abilities given that I had palled to have perfected my skills by the last term. I will measure my achievements by organizing and managing an event by the middle of this term involving at least over 2000 people. I will engage both my supervisor as well as some several participants in the event to achieve this goal. The possible obstacle that I might face is that due to the large number of other events this term, I will have to race against time to reach these 2000 people.    [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

3: By the end of this work term, I will have become a better public speaker. I stumbled a bit during my presentations to large groups of students and staff and felt that my delivery was below par. I will measure my achievement by judging the quality of my presentation by my third presentation this work term. To achieve this goal, I need to partner with two of my classmates and my supervisor. The possible obstacle to this goal is not knowing whether my supervisor will be able to attend at least two of my presentations given his busy schedule and still having my two classmates all in the same presentations as well. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

4: By the end of this work term, alongside my peers, I will have organized fun and engaging activities on a weekly basis for our unwind series, with the limited budget that we have. I will measure my achievement by reviewing short interviews from participants as well as looking at the number of new participants coming to our events every week. I will need to partner with my peers in order to achieve this goal and then later, I will talk to my supervisor regarding the number and interviews. The possible obstacle towards the achievement of this goal is our limited budget. My peers and I will have to be organizing these weekly events on a strict budget and if we spend a lot of the money on the events, we might run out of money for events later in the term.

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