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As nursing takes a dynamic form today, the shifts in population compositions and demographics will force a diversity call in the field. It is better that doctors, nurses, and other medical experts have knowledge of different cultures in the workplace to foster adequate care to the patients as their primary mandate (Phillips, 2014). An understanding of different cultures helps to promote accurate change in the field. Proper care should lead to quality results, and happier and satisfied patients. Beard (2014) asserts that different researchers call for cultural diversity in nursing. Thus, it is paramount to explore and understand the significance of diversity in the nursing field. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Patients get psychologically well and tend to heal faster when they are cared for by nurses who understand their culture; for instance their language. When a patient and a nurse speak the same language, they become free with each other, opening up and giving the exact information of the situation at hand (Beard, 2014). When giving information, the expression becomes apparent to the nurse.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Diversity improves patient care. When nurses from different groups come together, they establish strong bonds within the staff bringing diversity in ideas. To the patient, a good way of interaction does not just fix them to the particular culture. Walter and Davis (2013) hypothesize that when they seek care from different places, they find nurses and doctors with knowledge and experience in their culture. Thus, any place will be suitable for their care should every hospital have a diversified nursing staff. On the side of the nurses, it makes it easier to handle transfers to different cultures with little agonizing energy.

Finally, diversity can be achieved in different ways. It might be acquired naturally or through education in school or nursing programs. It should be upon medical regulatory bodies to have policies which will ensure there are ways of ensuring people are acquainted with the knowledge of diverse cultures and environments for future success. If ignored, the nursing field will become boring and limited in quality service (Beard, 2014)[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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