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Question 1.
We have learned about several artists with multicultural and/or plural gender identities (who belong to or identify with more than one group) who address and explore issues of identity in our contemporary world. Choose one to discuss and consider how he/she employs the artwork to address this.

In Nikki S. Lee’s work, she pushes the boundaries of the perceived identity in her gender and race, particularly in her series called Parts. In this work, Lee portrays various stereotypes and roles that are taken on by Asian women. She exaggerates the various exotic and submissive labels in Asian women by portraying them in various ways. For example, there is the passive women that is dubbed the “china doll,” who is with the white man. The seductress in the exotic stage is also portrayed. In her work, she does way with the traditional stereotypes that are given to Asian women.

Question 2
How is text different than images when dealing with constructions of identity?

Text is often a way to be very literal about the art, while the images are always put through the subjective filter of the viewer. Therefore, the identity of the viewer is factored into the way the image is perceived. When text is being used, it is able to address each issue very directly. Furthermore, text can be added to prompt the viewer to pay attention to the factors that the artists wants them to pay attention to.

How is text both helpful and problematic in discussing constructions of identity? Provide an example from your own experiences.

In my experience text was at a time a problem in my construction of identity because I wasn’t very good at written communication. That made it so when I wrote something, people could begin to perceive me as being not as intelligent as I actually am. Communication was very challenging for me in that way, and that is why I taught myself to become a better writer. The quality of my writing has now improved, and this has helped communicate my identity of being an educated person.

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