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“Is Equality Tearing Families Apart” Responses

Couples today face many societal pressures on their relationships because of modern ways of thinking, and the lack of traditional familial relationships. Due to these new modern arrangements, many young families find themselves in dual-worker relationships, in sharp contrast to the traditional one-income household. These dual-worker lifestyles offer unique challenges and benefits for families. For instance, it allows couples to share career goals and professional challenges, in addition to allowing women to pursue traditionally male fields, which provides their children with solid role models, and a more independent lifestyle. Further, the onset of the dual-worker household has allowed for greater financial opportunities for families, allowing for lifestyle upgrades, education and retirement funds, travel, and an overall greater disposable income. However, these households also display distinct disadvantages when compared to more traditional ones. Families with dual-worker parents often face issues of fatigue, child care worries, and stress. This can lead to parents feeling guilty for not spending enough time with their children, as well as children feeling like they are an inconvenience to their parents. In addition to this, dual-worker families also face household issues, such as the fair division of chores, and personal challenges, such as deciding to further one’s career at the expense of familial relationships. To combat these issues and to keep relationships strong, pastoral care and meetings can be of great benefit to discuss challenges and keep the lines of communication open between the couples. These pastoral meetings can help couples to discuss their career goals with each other, set priorities, and develop plans and processes to help them conquer household issues, such as chores and child care. Dual-worker households are becoming commonplace, and it is important that these types of families maintain communication between each other and their pastors to help them adjust their lifestyles accordingly. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 2
While I agree that the church should help to reframe society’s promotion of career ambition over familial relationships, I also believe that with the onset of dual-worker households, this is something that we need to learn how to balance, rather than just reframe. Families need to be able to discuss with each other what the best course of action will be for all of them when new career opportunities arise.

While traditionally, the male members of the household would take the driver’s seat in terms of financial responsibilities, I think it’s important to recognize that this model is changing, and that we must adapt our understanding of family models because of it.  These new models will continue to challenge our traditional definitions of husbands and wives within families, and these families must work with each other to redefine what their roles are within their homes, as well as the workplace. If couples keep the lines of communication open, they can ensure that priorities are consistently discussed, and that their relationships remain pleasant and intact. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 3
I appreciate the analysis you provided, and believe that there are many factors at play in the degradation of traditional family make-ups and values. To expand on your point of modern societal pressures and pastoral care, I believe that couples can combat these issues by laying out any career goals and aspirations upfront. By discussing these issues early, the couples can plan for each other’s goals and can let each other grow, while picking up the slack in terms of familial responsibilities. For instance, if one individual’s career is taking off, and the other’s is holding steady, they can decide such that one of them can further pursue their career, while the other takes a greater responsibility of the children and household chores. Through this sort of communication, I believe that couples can alleviate the stress of dual-worker households, and can maintain strong relationships with each other and their children. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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