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Why all workers in the US deserve equal pay for equal work

Equal pay for equal work is an aspect of labor rights that advocates for equal payment of employees giving an equal contribution at the workplace. While the two jobs need not be identical, they need to be substantially equal, meaning that the job content, as opposed to the job title, is what matters in determining the pay off two persons at the workplace. This theory is mostly discussed gender inequality of remuneration and sometimes about racial disparities as well. Opponents of equal pay for equal work argument usually dismiss it as a myth, stating that there many other factors to which the gap in the pay of the pay between genders can be attributed. Among the factors referred to by those against this argument is the difference in choice of careers, the fact that women are not primary breadwinners and the level of education among women. However, their argument doesn’t hold much water for some reasons.

Despite the fact that men and women tend to favor different career paths, which is caused by the fact that most girls are discouraged from a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. (which are usually some of the highest paying jobs in the US). They are encouraged to take up more nurturing careers like education, an adjustment of the disparity to factor in this reason still shows a noticeable gap, which is at an estimated 93 cents to 95 cents, which can vary considerably from one industry to the next (Renzulli, 2).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Women across America come from a wide range of economic backgrounds, the majority of them being single mothers, primary income earners in houses with two income, or sole income earners in households where the father stays at home with the children. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research undertook research that revealed that fair pay for women would mean a 13.4 percent rise in the income for single women, a 17 percent increase in that of single mothers and a 6 percent rise in that of married women (Center for American Progress, 3).

The disparity in pay in the US is made worse by racial differences as not only do women earn less than men, black women earn less than both white men and women, and Hispanics earn even lesser than their black counterparts (Bibler, 1). This shows that not only is unequal pay a manifestation of intersectional discrimination, but also a fact that cannot be wished away by the arguments used by opponents of this theory.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Women deserve equal pay for equal work, as they have the same rights, needs, and responsibilities as men. Policymakers need to recognize that the women who are teachers, lawyers, drivers, secretaries are mothers, sisters, and daughters too and they deserve the compassion of being compensated fairly for their labor.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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