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In this class, the professor introduced us to an APA book which introduces APA writing styles, theories, concepts,  methodological articulates and case studies.  Additionally, we were introduced to ethical legal standards in publishing, ethical reporting of research results, data retention, data sharing, duplicate publication of data, piecemeal publication of data, plagiarism, copy rights, conflict of interest in research, publication credit, editorial reviews and planning for ethical compliance. This experience was informative and challenging.  I learned that life has more than what home, community, TV, and friends have to offer.  People’s activities differ from one place to another. Interpretation of events by an outsider may not accurately describe an experience that another may have from his/her own social, economic and religious background.

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Among the theories introduced was critical theory, which seeks human emancipation, the liberation of human beings and provides descriptive and normative bases for social inquiry, the aims of which are decreasing domination and increasing freedom in all of their forms.

Also, empirical theory was another important concept introduced in the class.   Simply, one may seek change for a better world (empirical theory) and another may be forced to seek change (critical theory) as a reaction to injustice and to provide a better world through revolution.

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Peace-building and social theories, such as these, attempt to establish an educational, informative skill that helps students categorize events, actions, reactions and practices.  As a reference, these theories seek clarifications that enable association of activities or actions to a particular theoretical paradigm. This course is trying to establish research tools, critical thinking of summaries an interpretation, and to help students get a better understanding of an objective or an event.

Some of what I found to be interesting about this course is that humans of different religious, cultural, economic, social, educational and political backgrounds are all searching for answers to pervasive conflict.  I found the different ways in which people claim to seek what is better for mankind interesting.  Theoretical assumptions may be true for somebody or even a nation at one time or another, but do not constitute a comprehensive answer for all people or backgrounds. Thus, a single perspective should not be forced on a diverse group of people.

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In the Holy book, the Qur’an, it states: “O man-kind we have made you of a male and female.  Then we have made you into trips and nations.  So you can learn about one another.  Indeed, the most Honorable of you with Allah’s is one who is most sincere.”  I have learned from Islam, people, and what Allah has put in my heart is that if Allah chose to give us freedom to think, believe, live, move and more, who are we to choose for others what Allah did not chose for them?  Allah allows everyone to choose what path each person wants.  Do humans have any authority to say otherwise?

(Cheldelin, et al., 2003) indicates that mediation is well- practiced in civilizations with bases in  Islamic, European and Indian.  In addition, the article adds that the biggest boom to the practice of mediation became official in 1913, when the United States Department of Labor established a panel called the Commissioners of Conciliation, which opened doors to the practice of national-level mediation.

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