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English Writing Assignment

  1. Significance putting into consideration English to be a Second Language when handling your audience with an essay

sh emerges as a challenging language to learn. There are a number of words that are spelled the same, but they have different meanings.  Considering English as a second language, it is essential always to ensure the writings are clear with free or minimal errors.  You must ensure that the words make sense to English speakers and those who grew up passing through phrases.  You have to have your essay follow all the English rules. Among the most known rules in English include; using a capital “I” where “I” is used in the essay, regardless of its position. Another rule is ensuring that you begin with a capital letter after every full stop in the essay.   Another rule is ensuring that you avoid using Slang in The Essay.

English Writing Assignment

  1. The Difference Between Argument Essays from Other Essays.

An argument essay is a made-up combination of facts alongside the writer’s notions. Ideally, argument essays try to convince a reader that a certain way is more important than the other way.  On the other hand, other essays, which can be informative, persuasive, etc., deals with a comprehensive analysis of subjects. For example, in an informative essay, the main objective is to inform the audience about a particular subject.

  1. Main Strategies of Developing an Argumentative Essay

Several strategies ought to be considered when developing an argument essay.  The major ones include; selection of an arguable topic. Which involves choosing a topic those interests, puzzles, and/or appealing to the writer?   The second strategy is choosing a position to take and forming a thesis statement.  The third one is presenting both clear and convincing evidence to support your position. The fourth one is providing other people’s points of view that counterarguments with your position and finally, drafting a conclusion that presents your position. The conclusion should not be a repetition of the thesis statement.

  1. Writing an Argumentative Essay

Why are the Rights to LGBTQ Community a Debate?

LGBTQ in full represents Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgenders, and Queer. They differ from the other population because of their gender.  LQBTQ has for a long time become a thorny issue because most of the world states do not accept it.  They barely have laws that guard their rights.  Regardless of race, gender, sex, every human being should have all the rights necessary to pursue happiness.  No matter how hard most people try to shun the community away, it is essential to understand them and acknowledge their presence. The Rights of the LGBTQ community should not be a debate because everyone has the right to be happy. Therefore if a person is happier transforming to another gender or living like their desired gender, they should not be judged, neither should they be rebuked. Consequently,   one’s choice of gender does not affect anyone at any point; therefore, one ought not to be judged.

Everyone deserves a right to be happy. Just the way Black people advocate for a right to be treated without discrimination in the LGBTQ community.  If one’s happiness is dependent on transforming to a certain gender, it is essential to let them be. An individual needs to live their own life without external pressures.

Furthermore, the rights of the LGBTQ community ought not to be debated because it is one’s choice. If someone’s action does not disturb another person, why bother? Being an LGBTQ does not make one a criminal, neither does it makes them unfit for society. All that ought to be done is accept and embrace them as they are.

Even though many supportive arguments have been laid to the community, critics argue that the acts of the LGBTQ community are against the bible.  Therefore, it should not be allowed, and no rights should be laid to support the community. They should be rebuked because they are sinning. They are going against God’s word, and they ought not to be entertained in society.

Conclusively, even though various arguments have been laid to support the LGBTQ community in society, many people still believe that being a member of the community is sinful and immoral. This is the reason why most states in the world have never allowed the community to go public.  Yes, the reasons may be valid, but can’t we allow human beings to live their lives the way they want it? The editorial in the New York Times is one among the most genuine article I have ever read.

Response to the Editor

Finding an Editorial Post from a Local Newspaper and Writing a Letter

Student Name



The Editor

The Los Angeles Times

GPO Box 43657

Los Angeles


To Whom It May Concern


I am writing to express my point over your post in the Los Angeles Times titled, “What formalization? California up to now remains as a Wild West to illegitimate Marijuana.  I support your point of view regarding the use of Illegal Marijuana in California.  According to the research that I have done through checking o the statistics, it is clear that for the last two decades, California has watched the cultivation boom of Marijuana without putting any plan in place to reduce the impacts that it may have on the environment alongside the health of its people.

Consuming Marijuana, predominantly unprocessed, affects the health of the users in multiple ways. First, it leads to addiction.  Individuals who are addicted to Bhang pose higher risks of losing memory.  THC, a chemical present in Marijuana, is known to cause more substantial adverse effects on the brain.  Consequently, consuming high amounts of Marijuana can lead to disorientation and, most of the time, cause hallucinations, unpleasant thoughts, and/or anxiety or paranoia feeling.  Bhang users are at a higher risk of developing permanent psychosis alongside long-lasting mental users.  Furthermore, the use of Marijuana has also be linked to anxiety and depression, which eventually leads to suicidal thoughts.  Other adverse effects associated with the use of Marijuana include loneliness and social isolation, poor relationship with peers and family members, poverty as a result of laziness, and death.

Many people, especially the youth, do not believe that Marijuana can be that harmful. They have a notion that Marijuana is medicinal and, therefore, its illegalization is invalid.   I find your editorial as one of the truest editorials. I appreciate your effort in researching and coming up with a short and clear editorial on the effects of Marijuana, especially the illegal Bhang, on both the youth and the Old in California.

The Editorial


15TH JULY, 2021

The steps of the previous vision plan were adopted. Awareness of intense national hatred should be a well-planned cannabis market used by open parties and donors (a slight curse that Pot is still illegal under state law). The sponsorship is the basis for dealing with offensive shooting, which deals with controlling, controlling, and reviving the Wild West weed industry, which discriminates against common and growing lesions. It didn’t work for a variety of reasons.

In many open areas, the failure of 64 Ideas was more severe than in the desert of southern California, where thunderstorms spread weeds in arid areas. Times experts Jacqueline Cosgrove and Louis Sahagun recently discovered that there were more than 1,000 cannabis plantations between the Eland Basin and the Colorado River at normal times. Experts say illegal homes face the risk of forced labor, aggression, water theft, volatile desertification and wildlife.

A local sheriff in Los Angeles, Fortitude, saw about 500 illegal property on a permanent road. During the strike, the department collected 373,000 plants and more than 16 tons of marijuana worth more than $ 1 billion. The expertise of the San Bernardino County Sheriff has all the hallmarks of the oppression of more than 860 illegal cotton growers. Improving illegal activities makes the population feel attacked. Developers have released weapons, allowing people to fulfill their responsibilities in ignorance.

As a result of these incidents, five killings were discovered in 2020 and 2021. Investigators say the killings were linked to cannabis production in the Mojave Desert. Similarly, there are common risks in the beginning. Although residents were required to reduce water use during the dry season, illegal producers removed water from wells, extra rooms, and fire hydrants.

Developers crush plants and wildlife, use dangerous pesticides, and speed up trucks in sensitive habitats. 64 Opinions will never fight illegal cannabis trials. In fact, even before the structural measures were taken, marijuana was a $ 1 billion industry in California. The United States is very interested in marijuana and is constantly developing sales.

Again, consultants on basic voting action plans, as well as event boards dedicated to the event, are committed to overall success, ethics, and legitimacy, and if Mary Jane is a real, planned, and controlled, adult society works on people.


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  6. (a) Hear and see something (b) smell (c) touch
  7. Developmental words, first, then, finally,
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  9. Ideas were summarized as a summary and overview or on someone’s thoughts
  10. Forecasts and reviews.
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