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Question 1
Can you discuss how we could standardize our highly electronic society to make easier human interfaces for all these objects and reduce consumer anxieties about using these new or ever-changing products of the electronic society?

We are certainly using fast printing to create many works, and this is creating a culture that is much more capable of creating art. However, I would argue that this new form is not so much art, than the facilitation of technology. For example, someone who takes a photo now does not need to have a high level of skill in a lot of cases. PhotoShop and other technology is able to create a copy that looks to be much better than it actually is. Technology is taking much of the process and skill out of creating art, and this is reducing the amount of consumer anxieties related to using the new products. PhotoShop is just one of the latest additions to technology that is creating better human interfaces with the technology around then, but the fast printing methods were among the first to make the process easier for people.

How could industrial designers bring this change about?

Industrial designers have already brought about a lot of change to the ways that we use technology, and they have facilitated a tremendous amount of coordination between the users and the designers. This has created a world of do-it-your-selfers and I am sure there is still a ways to go in this department. The industrial designers are the architects of this change. They are the people who can create easier ways for us to create that which we set out to create.

Questions 2
What objects that were used for survival in the Middle Ages are being used today in a modern or modified form? Give examples of highly contemporary versions and designs of those objects. 

Fire is the biggest thing that was used for survival in the Middle Ages. The wheel is another major thing that was used in the middle ages that is still used today. Instead of having rock wheels, however, we have rubber tires. And instead of created fire by rubbing sticks together, we have matches and lighters.

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