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Electrical power plays an integral part in the daily human activities. It is the driving force behind the industrial revolution and the drive behind increased innovation. Electricity is employed in large-scale industries for the production of goods and services. Households also use electricity for basic functions such as cooking, ironing, and warming. Essentially, the 21st-century human progression is largely driven by electric power. Every gadget, equipment, and technological component is dependent on electric power. Electric power comprises the indispensable factor in all industrial activities. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

The electrical systems of Saskatchewan serve many people. The systems serve households as well companies within the Saskatchewan locality. This paper is a detailed examination of the influences of electricity systems in the Northern region. It further examines the major electrical provider in the area, the government-owned SaskPower Company. It tracks the progress of the company and the challenges it faces in generation of power for the Northern area of Saskatchewan. Generation of electricity affects the environment. Essentially, as more and more electric power is produced, the more detrimental the production process is to the environment. Therefore, the paper will review all generation capacity sources. Lastly, the paper details the Northern Saskatchewan region demographics and creates a linkage between the geographical components and the productive activities of the company SaskPower. 
Electric power is majorly a public good. Even though the production of electricity may be undertaken by a private entity, the process is often subject to government regulation. This is often intended to protect the consumer against exploitation by unscrupulous private entities. Compared to other sources of energy such as coal, the production of electricity is subject to lower capital turnover. The Saskatchewan electricity systems are a reflection of the production processes that many electrical companies execute. Through the study of SaskPower, the role of electrical companies in the society will be established. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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