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The USA Today newspaper article entitled “Jobs in high-wage industries are growing fastest” mentioned that the high-paying jobs are becoming more available to the people because of the faster growth of their industries as compared to the low-paying jobs (Davidson, 2018). This is considered a positive development because these high-paying jobs produce more income that could be used by the employees to buy products and services which will further boost economic growth. These high-paying jobs also produce two more jobs, while there must be at least three low-paying jobs to produce another job. I agree that the emergence of more high-paying jobs is beneficial for the society and the economy. When the people earn more from their jobs, their spending power also goes up which means that they will be more motivated to spend their hard-earned money on products and services that they need. When people are not hesitating to spend their money, this can only be good for the economy.

The USA Today Newspaper

            The USA Today newspaper article entitled “What are the 25 lowest paying jobs in the US? Women usually hold them” mentioned that while the wages in America went up this year, there are still so many American workers who are not earning well annually because they get stuck in low-paying jobs (Suneson, 2019). Even if these low-paying jobs are considered as very crucial and significant, the employees here can be let go anytime. It is also unfortunate that most low-paying jobs in America are being handled by women, while most high-paying jobs are being handled by men. I truly feel bad for the women in America who are forced to settle for low-paying jobs while most men in America are enjoying their high-paying jobs because they do not deserve to be treated this way. I look forward to living in a society where there will be greater opportunities that will be available for the women in America to prove that they can be better than just doing low-paying jobs.


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