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All speeches need to have a good introduction that involves the audience while portraying the speaker as confident. People are likely to pay attention when they are sure they are listening to a speaker who is well conversant with the topic. Some of the factors that the audience will consider in this case are the choice of words and the use of data. People are keen on how much the speaker can relate the presented information with real life. People will rarely pay attention to speakers that simply state data without showing the impact on society.

The body should also be supported with data that aim to support the proposed thesis statement. Once people have listened to the thesis statement, they will always be keen with the speech content to determine whether it is convincing. This should be the part in which the speaker involves the audience based on the different data presented in the speech. For instance, one could make inquiries based on the people who have had different experiences. Once the speaker determines people who have had the experience, then he/she could use them as an example to demonstrate the point.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The conclusion is equally important as it determines whether the audience will understand the contents of the speech. The speaker will have to summarize the main content of the speech for the crowd. Even if a speech has a good introduction and content but the conclusion is poor, then the audience could rate the speaker negatively. Therefore, the conclusion should be progressive with the speaker using the main points to identify with his/her thesis statement. It should also include a vote of thanks to the audience for finding the time to listen to the speech. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Cost Influences of Protein Bars

Response 1
I have noted that my previous speech lacked a proper introduction that engaged the audience. The use of academic sources for an introduction serves irrelevant while considering an audience. I should have started by engaging the public on the number of times they have used pennies. For instance, I could have started by asking them how often they have used or even seen pennies. Since the thesis statement aims to explain why the pennies are no longer a viable denomination. This way, the audience will have a better picture of what the speech is about. Once I have the attention of the audience, it would make the speech much more effective. The body could also use additional words to make people relate with the statistics. For instance, when it suggests that it costs the American citizens approximately $80 million every year then it becomes effective to equate that with something the audience is familiar with. For instance, stating the different uses to which the money could have been spent would be an effective way of ensuring the audience understands the stated monetary data.

Response 2
The conclusion is very brief and does not seek to involve the audience. Even when one is dealing with a large audience that would not take part in the speech, it would be more effective to use examples. There is the chance that the audience might fail to follow on the speech after the abrupt end. It would be more effective if the speech involved a progressive ending. For instance, since the main information is based on past information, the end could have been demonstrated by stating some information on the present and future of using pennies. This will alert the audience that the speech is almost ending. Once the speaker follows this protocol, then they could state their opinions that the use of pennies should be abolished due to the stated findings on the speech. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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