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While delivering a speech on the effects of the social media and internet on maintenance of romantic relationships, I would choose a getter with which the audience can relate. If the audience is made of young people then I would choose to name some of the sites with which they are familiar. For instance, many young people are good at using Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, I would state that people always place their best pictures on Instagram and Facebook, as this tends to attract people from a sexual perspective. The ideal question to ask in this case would be whether all people in the room have seen profile pictures that attracted them towards people on social media. This question is likely to be effective, as it would appeal to both male and female sections of the audience. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The audience should be involved in the speech by stating the types of social media platforms in which they are most active. Once this is known and the speaker is familiar with parts of the audience, he/she can move to the maintenance of relationships. Once it is established that people have used the social media platforms to find spouses, the next question would be whether they use the same platforms to communicate. In addition, the question should also inquire as to whether they find other people’s profile attractive despite already having spouses. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

It would make sense when one delivers a speech after having an experience. In this case, the best dramatic example would that of the speaker’s use of social media to start and relationship and how the same was maintained. Therefore, the best attention getter for this speech would be using social media platforms in which most people are active. In addition, it would help a lot to find some volunteers and use their situation as an example. This way, the other parts of the audience would be more attentive and benefit from the speech.

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Response 1
I also think that the maintenance part of the speech should be important as the audience stands to benefit more from the same. I believe that people can also meet without social media but then with time, will find themselves using the same platforms to communicate. In such a case, it would be better to teach the audience on how they can use social media and the internet to maintain their relationships. Some of the common uses of social media in the maintenance of relationships are communication and entertainment. People can now communicate through Facebook and share their best moments. For instance, when someone goes on a trip and wants to share a picture with their partner, they could share the pictures through Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, people can share pictures of themselves with their friends, as that would have the same effect as visiting the same friends. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Response 2
The speech would be incomplete if the speaker fails to inform the audience on the challenges associated with social media in the maintenance of relationships. Social media comes with many distractions that can affect relationships. For instance, a platform such as Instagram involves the sharing of pictures. The tendency of one partner to like other people’s pictures could easily cause jealousy within the relationship. In addition, the failure to balance the use of social media and real life can also cause stress in relationships. Even though many people now meet their spouses online, they should find the time to engage each other in the real world. It would be more effective to use a real life scenario to show how social media can either make or break relationships. While concluding the speech, one should state the benefits of social media and even take some views on the audience. Afterward, one can use the information provided by the audience to make a conclusion.

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