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Discussion 9 Responses

Discussion 9 Responses

Michaela Dinte:

            The explanation of the between-subjects design is important because of how it can provide the noted impact on the kind of research design involved. Your explanation was thorough so I was able to understand what is going on in the study. You mentioned the essay writer ecological validity as a threat, but you should also include the element of time when considering the kind of traffic involved. The weather condition itself can impact the frequency of the people traveling and the time element would also do that, so it is important to consider these in your analysis. They would not only provide with the insight needed to further fine-tune your research design, but they would allow you to ensure that the results would be free from hindrances or compromises. The use of the temperature-humidity discomfort index was also critical in relating the situation with aggressive behavior, showing the distinct criticality involved in the process.

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Samantha Ayers:

            I noticed you specified the control and experimental group. This is a clear depiction of the experimental design that you are working with, which would then allow you to understand whether significant changes exist among the populations for which you have controlled. When you mentioned the threats to internal validity, one issue is the lack of guidance that students may receive if the assessments were not delivered back to the students. Moreover, the condition of the students would also be an initial threat to the validity of the result, especially in which other factors may affect the outcome of the students. These considerations should be presented in the fine-tuning of the experimental design, particularly in carrying out the study in a non-biased manner that would explore the possibility of improved understanding and continuity for the benefit of all. The between-subjects design is supported by  the evidence you provided in characterizing insight and providing what is due for the continuity of the study in its foundation.

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