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Discussion 7 Responses

Discussion 7 Responses

James Huffman:

            The significance of having three groups is noted because of the need to determine how effective the preparation is in order to gage knowledge retention. The essay writer or Masterarbeit schreiben lassen method you presented was clear and the preparation of the groups was also effectively stated. While randomizing the groups can ensure lowered bias and promote effective determination of the results at hand, I believe that an additional control group would help weed out any other external factors that may exist. The additional group would ensure that other externalities may not hamper the integrity of the research process. The internal validities that you mentioned can clearly affect the outcome of the result, and these have been adequately addressed. What I believe should further enhance the delivery of the research results would be to include a control group to further reduce any external impact that can hamper the outcome of the study and the integrity of the result.

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Deborah Hokoanson:

            I like how you mentioned that random assignment would be useful in ensuring that the “brains” of the class do not end up skewing the results in one direction. Also, the stipulation of the conditions presented is also clearly noted, which is an important characteristic of maintaining the integrity of the results in such a way that would capture the essence of the topic being presented. Although the three-group setup is useful, I would suggest that you add another group as the control, so that other external conditions may be disregarded. This would help strengthen the outcome of the experiment. Other than that, the performance of the students would also be given more focused as the external factors may be disregarded in order to retain the integrity of the process at hand. The threats to internal validity were also addressed by using baseline comparisons, which would eliminate any biases such as better-performing classes.

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