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Discuss an adaptation of music source material you think is unsuccessful. Why didn’t it work? How would you have approached the music source material to make it work better?

I think that the adaptation of insanity in Ophelia’s mad songs was unsuccessful. The music is adapted from William Shakespeare’s plays, such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Stories. The composer was trying to modify and transform the stories from classical symphonies to musical theatre production. The adaptation was to transform from written word to sound through a logical process. Most songs adapted by Ophelia come from Act IV Scene V of Hamlet. The musical affluence about insanity does not come from his accord but as a result of damaging actions from on the series of Hamlet. The music didn’t work because Ophelia struggles to comprehend what has caused his madness. On the contrary, Hamlet covers how he has risen to delusion by keeping on to maintain stability. Ophelia creates a mad scene that reintroduces a young woman who disconnects from the original characterization as the chaste and dutiful. Also, he uses repetition in both the two verses and melodic material to capture the unavoidable circumstances. 

The music source material would have been better if the cycle is enriched on different levels. First, it needs to enrich the listeners who do not know about the plot of Hamlet and the role of Ophelia to understand the structure and overall continuity of the songs. It also needs to add melodies to bring about adaptation in a loose sense of the word. The setting of musical mode needs to emphasize the ideas and themes constituted in the play. The stage productions should allow the composer to metaphorically push the owner of the play from the spotlight and take control. Meaning, the composer should not enrich the musical lyrics of Shakespeare. 

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