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Case Study; Kyle

As Kyle’s general education teacher, I have noted his lack of vision might harm his academic performance. However, the essay writer challenges can be overcome using unique strategies. Below are some of the issues:

Unable to use Visual Imagery

Due to his vision limitations, Kyle cannot understand spatial information, visual imagery, and imagery scenarios with functional implications. However, his intellectual abilities, match up with his peers, making it easy to teach him. I will remodel my teaching strategy to not depend on visual interpretation and to help Kyle make up for his lack of understanding of vision-relying learning. Instead, the new strategy will involve a lot of explanations instead of demonstrations. By breaking down concepts into basic knowledge, there is no need for diagrammatic expression for the students to understand (Sarah, 2018). Furthermore, getting recording devices for Kyle to record his classes to listen to later will help him understand the concepts even more.

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Limited Learning Materials

Also, Kyle cannot use the same learning material as his peers (Pearson Education Video). His visual impairment limits the resources he has for his education. To supplement Kyle’s learning materials, I need to translate the resources used by his peers into braille to complement his tactile learning abilities. In addition, we can get braille books and learning materials.

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Communication Issues with Peers

Kyle is unable to use or understand non-verbal cues while communicating with his peers (Pearson Education Video). Although most of the students are friendly to him, some find it challenging to communicate with him. Poor communication also limits interaction between Kyle and his peers. In the long run, poor communication might harm Kyle’s academic performance. Even though Kyle has friends, the school needs to invest more in sensitizing the general students on relating with their impaired peers. The school needs to teach valuable social norms necessary to ensure seamless interaction between Kyle and his peers at school.


Sarah, H. (2018). Adaptation of learning and teaching support material and assessment of learners with visual impairment. international Journal of Education Research6(2), 1-10.

Pearson Education Video.



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