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Assat Shakur’s autobiography provides an interesting perspective about police brutality. From the very beginning of her story, the alleged viciousness of the police is revealed and the minimalist explanation (expressed very simply) allows the reader to gain a solid understanding of the level of violence that the police were capable of. Shakur says the violence is due to her ethnicity as a black woman. The sheer violence of the opening scene brings the reader right into the book, and makes them realize the type of novel it will be.

The dynamic between Shakur and the police is one of the most notable features of the book. It is important to remember that Shakur is one of the most wanted women, and there is certainly animosity between Shakur and the police. In fact, the behaviour of the police is likely what got Shakur off of many of her criminal charges. That makes it somewhat difficult to believe what she is saying about the police. She is a convicted felon who escaped prison custody, so it is difficult to take what she says as the truth. After all, the more she discredits the police, the more she appears to be innocent.

On the other hand, Shakur claims the FBI was created to stop the black liberation movement. She says the police killed many of the leaders of the black liberation movement, including members of the Black Panthers, with whom Shakur was a member. It is very easy to side with Shakur in her argument that the police, FBI, and the American government were out to send out false press releases to discredit many of the people who were out to simply stand up for, and to establish, the rights of black people.

I believe Shakur is innocent, and I believe that she is a victim of a society that was unethically intolerant of black people. However, after reading the book, it is difficult to know if I am siding with her based on false accusations contained in the book. Reading this book is a constant struggle between hating the American government and its enforcement officers, and questioning the credibility of Shakur. However, judging by the proven behavior of the American government and the way it has dealt with those who have spoken in favor of human rights, I ultimately believe that Shakur is telling the truth.

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