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When looking at the content on the website, I would state that the information is not bias in any way. This is because the author provides reasons for making the strong statements (Evener n.p). The institution clearly uses scientific arguments to prove that the Holocaust was a hoax that has been used by the governments of the United States and Israel to generate more revenue while keeping other countries at bay. From a personal view, I am convinced that the institution has conducted research and published the argument based on facts. The use of statistics is always considered a way through which information can be validated. In this website, statistical information is widely provided so that the reader understands the allegations made from the Holocaust and the real situation.

Response 1
I would also like to add that the numbers provided on the website make the information valid. I state this since statistical analysis is now advanced and able to determine issues such as the rates at which diseases spread. This would explain why the use of gas chambers becomes ruled out as an event that occurred during the Holocaust. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 2
Another reason why I consider this website as legit is that it also uses real life experiences to disapprove the allegations of the Holocaust taking place. For instance, when it states that the use of gas would require the rooms to be fully sealed with distribution chambers makes people understand that the Germans would have been equally affected in the process.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 3
As a way to demonstrate the validity of the information, the author goes ahead to ask the readers’ questions at the end of the web content. This further shows that they are keen on providing all the information needed by people to make their final decisions. If it were bias, I believe it would have chosen to make a conclusion that states the Holocaust never took place. Instead, it lets the readers make the decision on their own.

Response 4
By stating the reasons why Israel would want to make the world believe that the Holocaust was real also shows why the information could be valid. This could qualify as a conspiracy theory in which people get to understand why the Holocaust is a controversial issue in Europe. In addition, it states that the Americans bear the biggest cost for this conspiracy theory. I would consider this information as vital for all persons in the world, and I included that have always viewed the Jews as victims. The fact that they continue to benefit from this lie to date makes it wrong. I intend to conduct further research and determine whether these details are valid. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Works Cited
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