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Descriptive Statistical Procedure at Personal Level

Descriptive Statistical Procedure at Personal Level

Descriptive statistics are used to describe and make summaries of data samples.  Variables such as standard deviation, mean, mode, and frequency are explained through statistical procedures that incorporate the knowledge of descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics can help me to understand the collective properties of the elements of a data sample at work and thus influence applicability. Also, descriptive statistics help me to simplify huge collections of data in suitable ways to make work easier in recording and usage. Moreover, since descriptive statistics helps in exploring options and conclusion making about the data, it would enable me to make key decisions at work about the progress of activities and plans to be undertaken for the success of an organization.

Elsewhere, I would use descriptive statistics to summarize and describe total numbers within a given set of data in my duty because they allow one to make sense of the data they are dealing with. The procedure creates a greater sense of understanding and incorporation of first-hand knowledge of a process in an institution. Additionally, since descriptive statistics are used to calculate statistical numerical such as average number, mode, and the middle number, it would help me to monitor business activities and make decisions. Monitoring is a key activity that ensures every department performs according to the goals of an organization that is easily realized through an effective database that is also influenced by appropriate descriptive procedures.

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