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Current Status of Healthcare in the USA

Current Status of Healthcare in the USA

Current Status of Healthcare in the USA

I am confident that the COVID-19 pandemic is currently the main cause of changes in the healthcare system in America. I agree with you that the medical education system in the US adopted the traditional in-person learning method until 2020 when the pandemic struck. Due to the WHO guidelines to curb the spread of the virus, this model has been kept aside. Learning now in medical schools is now online (Newman & Lattouf, 2020). New technologies have been introduced to medical education, equipping the learners with advance kills that help achieves positive health outcomes amidst the pandemic. Apart from education, the major change caused by a pandemic is the insistence on public health that has improved the collaboration of health workers. The American health sector has been dedicated to ensuring the public is safe from the pandemic, with health workers working together to fight the disease.  An excellent example is how the health (stakeholders) have been at the forefront of the vaccination campaign to get as many Americans as possible vaccinated against the virus


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