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Dear Students. We are excited to announce the inaugural My Essay Writer essay writing contest. All college and high school students from throughout North America are invited to participate.

The total prize pool is $1,000.
1st receives $500
2nd gets $350
3rd nets $150


Applicants must be enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian college, university or high school.

Essays with plagiarism will not be accepted. Use APA formatting in your submission, and include at least 2 sources per page.

How to Enter

1.     Like our Facebook page and Post.

2.     Share the contest post with at least one friend.

3.     In at least 500 words, please submit an essay that explains “How people can transform their living habits to save the world.”

4.     Send your submission to [email protected] by April 15 and include in the subject line “Scholarship Essay Submission”. Winners will be decided by May 15.

What to Include in Your Email Submission

1.     Full name
2.     Name of school
3.     Year of study
4.     Snapshot of shared post on Facebook
5.     Attached essay in Word format

Only submissions that include these details will be accepted.

The results of the content will be published on our blog and sent to participants on May 15, 2018.


All essays will be posted to the My Essay Writer blog.

Please note that payments will be sent through PayPal only. Please only apply if you either have a PayPal account or you intend to open a PayPal account.

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By Hanna Robinson

Hanna has won numerous writing awards. She specializes in academic writing, copywriting, business plans and resumes. After graduating from the Comosun College's journalism program, she went on to work at community newspapers throughout Atlantic Canada, before embarking on her freelancing journey.

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