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Common Problems You Can Solve With Math

You’ve probably wondered, at least once in your school years about what is the point of studying mathematics. It doesn’t have a crucial everyday application; not a very exciting one at least. It is probably why a lot of people despise Math and grow up hating it without knowing that it is actually pretty interesting and can have many applications in our daily lives. Even without knowing it, you’re probably using Math to finish simple tasks every day. 

Here are some of these tasks which can be solved with your mathematical knowledge.

Construction Projects 

For construction projects, you will not just employ your creativity or tools to help with your latest building project; you will also need to turn your mathematical magic on! You will need to know how much of the raw materials you’ll need, and you will use your tools to measure widths, lengths, and angles. All of this, of course, can be done with the most valuable tool for a mathematician: a calculator. If you’re worried that it might be difficult to use one for your project, your concerns will go away if you visit since the folks over there understand these concerns and have designed various calculators for different tasks. The one that will work best in your case is a construction calculator which will be more than capable of handling all problems you will find as you work on your project, so there won’t be a risk of having construction errors that can’t be fixed.

Grocery Stores

It’s probably embarrassing if you stand at the grocery checkout, not knowing what the total cost is, especially with the discounts and multiple items you’re purchasing. Sure, it will be calculated for you by the cashier anyway, but the cashiers are just humans, and they too can make mistakes. Plus, it is better to know the total cost of your purchases just to be sure that you have enough money. In grocery stores, you will need to know multiplication, percentages, and estimation. Each time you use your skills in Math to calculate the cost of your purchases, you will be more efficient, so you won’t face any problem with calculating later. 

Cooking and Baking

Even in baking, you can calculate inaccurate percentages. Some people liken cooking to chemistry which also requires mathematical knowledge and accurate ingredient measurements. Sure, you could cook and bake, adding the ingredients using your own memory, but if you’re cooking your first meal ever, it is better to go by the book and use mathematics. Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa can be done by Math; moreover, multiplying or dividing numbers for making a bigger meal can also be done with your arithmetical knowledge. You can mess up ratios if you don’t know how to solve these problems. 

Money Investment

Here’s the thing, money investment can go very wrong if you don’t have the minimum Math skills required for it. When people don’t use any Math skills for their investments, their decisions will usually become ruled by their emotions; they won’t understand how interest can grow, and they won’t be able to manage debts like people with stronger mathematical fundamentals. They also won’t be able to manage money-budgeting as efficiently, so it’s better to have this knowledge in your skill set before entering the investment world.

Fashion Designing

If you aspire to be a fashion designer or have a designing project, then you should know that this task does not only require talent and eye for detail, but it also requires basic knowledge of geometry and measurement. Not all of your time will be spent on paper-drawing and making the images in your mind come to life; however, you will need to have a good grasp of the fundamentals. For example, if you are in a fabric shop, and you want to measure the length or width of the fabric to determine how much you’re going to need for your design, then your quick calculations will be of great help.


It probably may not have crossed your mind before, but Math can save you from running out of fuel in the middle of a road trip. For example, if you want to determine how much fuel you’re going to need for the trip while knowing the distance your car is going to take, then you sure can do that by calculating in your head the required miles per hour.

This proves that Mathematics is indispensable when it comes to problem-solving. So, consider strengthening that knowledge as it can be used to solve a lot of problems you may face and maybe even end up saving the day. Maths runs everything around us, so if you have a better understanding of it, then you’ll definitely understand the world.

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