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Character Sketch of Connie

By My Essay Writer

Connie is the type of girl that most guys dream about. She has been my neighbor for as long as I can remember, but only in the last few years have I started to notice just how beautiful she can be. The first time I saw Connie, she was walking with her mother and sister so that they could go out to the market. As I passed, I said good morning to her mother and she smiled at me. June, Connie’s sister, also smiled at me, but in a way that showed she thought of me as a little brother. Connie, on the other hand, outright ignored me. I could tell that she was angry at having to go out with her mom and sister. At first, I thought that she was annoyed at the boredom of the task, but then I got the feeling that she just did not want to be seen with her mom and sister. After all, her mother constantly points out how nice and kind June is while telling Connie that she should be more like June. I do not blame her for being so uptight around her family, but I have also been able to see how she is around school.

A Focus on Her Hair

Ever since Connie started to focus on her hair and make-up she has only wanted to be seen around other beautiful people like herself. She is usually at the center of the pack of beautiful girls who wander the middle of the hallways at school as though they owned the place. All the anger and annoyance just melts off her after her parents drop her off at the front door in the morning. She comes in, takes off a layer of clothes to be a little more revealing, and is swallowed by her crowd of best friends. She is at the center of the group with her high giggles and laughs, and it is no small wonder that I am not the only guy in school who cannot take their eyes off her.

Connie Has Changed

Everything about Connie changed a few weeks ago, though. We were off from school and I saw her on a Friday night at a burger joint. I could tell that she was not supposed to be there by the way she was hushing her friends and the fierceness in her eyes. I was sad to see her skulk off to an alley with an older guy and I sort of stomped off from being jealous. I did not see her for the rest of the night, but I could have sworn I heard her laugh somewhere before I went home for the night. The next time that I saw Connie, it was like someone had died. She was all smiles and flirting before that weekend, but that Connie has not been around lately. Connie looked just as beautiful as usual to me, but she did not seem to be her usual self. The air of happiness and the cloud of perfume and hair spray that followed her wherever she went was not there. Connie flashed her smile, but I saw it die away as soon as people stopped looking at her. The hallways were not filled with her laughter, and Connie’s group of friends seemed like planets that had been launched out of the orbit of their star as Connie outran them all between classes. I knew something was truly wrong when she sat at the empty lunch table next to mine, her eyes glazed as she stared off in the distance. I saw several friends attempt to speak to her, but she said something about not feeling good and left the cafeteria.

When Will Connie Return?

Connie has not yet returned to her former jovial self yet. I have not heard her laugh in earnest for some time, but I did hear June and Connie’s mother speaking to one another in their driveway. June said something about Connie finally maturing and growing up, but I do not see how growing up could change someone so much in the space of a few days. Connie and I were never friends, but she is one of those people who are so interesting to just watch because of her confidence and beauty. However, I do not think that the Connie I had come to admire even exists any longer.

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