Social Media and Rhetoric: College Essay Examples

There has been a tremendous transformation in communication avenues and promotion. The use of social media has become naturalized within society. Social media has brought about the various dimension in bringing multidimensional views. For instance, the essay writer dimension is in sociopolitical, emotional interaction, and logic. There have been several advantages and disadvantages to using […]

Climate Change: College Essay Examples

Over the years, climate change has been a significant concern to scientists and numerous governments across the globe.  The essay writer primary concern when it comes to climate change is helping secure the future for the coming generations. This raises an ethical concern on whether an individual has a moral obligation to help in reducing […]

Tattoo: College Essay Examples

A tattoo is defined as “permanent marks or designs inserted on the skin by puncturing it and inserting pigments” (Todd, 2018, p. 6). Indeed, a tattoo is mechanically and structurally a mere mark or design on one’s body. However, tattoo is often regarded as something with purpose, like a sort of body art. Thus, a […]

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