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Career Development


Short and long-term objectives for the present and future employment and a plan of formal and casual experiences to help the workers achieve their goals are documented in a Career Development Plan. Each person’s talents and potential should be taken into consideration while setting objectives. A career development plan is often optional. This paper discusses what I have learned about the video and how to utilize career services.

Concerning the video, I have studied career services, identifying who you are, and career pursuit identity. This enables managers or directors to understand who you are and what makes the difference compared to others in the same field. Furthermore, it assists in knowing if you are the right candidate for the opportunity at hand. Resources that could help one figure out their identity in terms of career are having access to their career advisors and career development webinars. Completing the Clifton strengths assessments is another stronghold; it allows individuals to answer questions and develop strengths related to their careers. Other complementary resources learned that helps with career development are the sixteen personality tests, which give more insights.

 I plan to utilize this learned information to find a career path by applying for internships and volunteering in areas related to my study. By so doing, I will gain more experience and knowledge. I will take 360 Reach, an external assessment that captures how others see me. It is an eye-opening assessment about attributes and strengths then allows them to give feedback about myself. Moreover, I have to get conversant with new technologies and projects to gain more information and be competitive in the current career markets concerning the area of specification.






By Phillip Connoly

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