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career choice

Upon finishing and graduating from my course, I plan on venturing to become an economist across any part of the world. The career planner website portrays an economist “as a person who studies economical and statistical data, come up with plans and recommendations on how to solve economic problems. Economists also help in interpreting of markets and also help in advising and consultation on economic issues to the public. Skills such as self – confidence and mathematical skill helps in making work easier for an economist as they help in solving problems” (, 2021).                                                                                                        

I chose the work of an economist because it is what I have dreamt of doing, and I have a passion for statistics and mathematics. I also want to help provide predictions and solutions to economic problems. Additionally, I also chose it because it is among the best-paying jobs, and it is less stressful as it helps provide a healthy work environment. 

I trust that I would be the best economist because I have loved statistics and mathematics and have taken part in training that teaches about an economist’s importance. It also trains me to deliver quality work, enabling me to gain an essential experience. I also love working as a team, which is a crucial skill that one must have to be an economist. 

I believe that practicing as an economist will require me to apply emotional labor. Firstly, I will be so because economists require interacting with their customers who have different views and ideas. Secondly, I will also require applying emotional labor because carrying out mathematical and statistical problems can cause burnout, which can be harmful. I will require applying emotional labor as I will require managing my emotions when interacting with customers. 

I think the job market might not automate the career of an economist in the future. I think an economist is not at risk of automation because of human effort in carrying out economic problems and strategies that robots cannot provide. My research also shows that economists understand the political influence, expectations and complaints, and macro indicators that a computer cannot understand.

I think the job of an economist is liable to be outsourced. As an economist, one can work from anywhere, and hence the country can outsource other workers who will get lower wages as the country also aims to provide jobs to the developing countries. On the other hand, I think economists will not be outsourced because a higher percentage of the services provided by economists require a one-to-one interaction, for example, consultation on the status of markets.  

  I think that working as an economist can be either a gig or a traditional employee category. For instance, if a company employs an economist, it will receive health benefits, house insurances, and other insurances (Ferenczy, 2016). Still, their work schedule will be mostly best fit to the company’s requirements. Then the economist will be under the traditional employee category. However, if an economist is self-employed, they do not get benefits and insurance but run their schedules and decide when to work. Then the economist falls in the category of a gig “where employment is unstable” (Fleming, 2021).



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