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Besides my career choice, I would do exceptionally well as a news anchor or producer. Since I was a child, I have always dreamt of becoming a media personnel with significant influence. I believe that media personnel have the power to control the kind of news that people receive and have influence over certain positions and stands. Ideally, this position gives a person power that, if well applied, can positively change people’s lives. I have always wanted to be a source of change in the world, and as a news anchor or producer, I believe I would be able to do precisely that based on the kind of news and ideas I will manage to develop into people’s minds. 

           Being a news anchor or producer is a demanding job that requires much commitment. Media personnel have to generate ideas and stories to feature from a wide range of news coming from different sources every day. Their role is to ensure that every piece of news published bears correspondent evidence to make it valid and credible. In other words, this means they should do thorough research on each item before publishing it. News anchors are also responsible for preparing and presenting materials on air, either as pre-recorded and live pieces. 

           For a person to become a successful journalist, it is essential to bear exceptional qualities that will make one stand apart. Basically, one has to maintain a good public image which means they must have general good conduct. Honesty is also a major trait that a person who aims to become a news anchor should possess. It is also uttermost for media personnel to be confident since their job involves facing thousands of people while presenting or researching the news. They should also bear a strong character to avoid intimidation from people who may wish to downplay their role. Media personnel are essential people in society and should realize that people hold them in high regard.  

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