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1)         Carol Lopez is painter from Canada who is based in Vancouver, but she also commutes to La Manzanilla, Mexico. Lopez was born in Saskatchewan and she has lived in various parts of Canada and through the West Indies. Lopez has done a lot of travelling throughout her life and she has taken these experiences and used them in her work to reflect a wide spectrum. Her oil and acrylic paintings are extremely varied and this could be due to the fact that she has done so much travelling, which has be the inspiration for her work. This love for adventure and travel have led her into position being the artist-in-residence at Kalani Hanua, which is an arts centre in Hawaii. She was also at the Universe Explorer, which is a floating university cruise ship. Over her years, she has worked with a part time teacher. This has led her to many years of experience, as she worked in a part time position as a teacher.

She has learned to harness her experience as a teacher and focus it to her art. Over her many years of teaching paining at various public school and in continuing education programs over the past three years, she has been an important stakeholder in bringing workshops to students, as well as teaching classes in La Manzanilla. Her passion stems not only from her experience travelling, but also from her desire for self-expressionism and this is shown throughout her still-life work. But the viewer can also see this in her landscape and the abstract painting and collages. Her art has become so famous that it was exhibited in both private and public galleries. Her collections extend throughout Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and into Europe. On her website , she had this to say about her passion: “Though I love to paint the landscape, in what has been called an ‘abstract impressionist’ style, these days I am intrigued by what I see on the little streets in La Manzanilla, with its simple buildings of weathered color and texture, and sometimes the contrast of a bright plastic pail or tarp.” Some the other themes she has noticed include patterns from a group of beach umbrellas and a kiosk of brightly coloured fabrics that are being displayed at a market. The abstractness of her art captures the elements of various styles in snapshots that are made to represent things that are simple and direct. These are what attracts the viewers of her work to look at them, even before they know what the object is that they are viewing.
Lopez has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, but she has also completed courses at the University of Saskatchewan where she received a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts. Her latest works can be viewed at the Annual Art Walk in La Manzanilla. She has also recently exhibited at the New Westminster Public Gallery. Prior to that, she has would at the Portfolio Gallery in Vancouver.

2)         Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland is a performer in “That Championship Season,” which is Jason Miller’s portrait of morally bankrupt men who are recalling their days of glory when they were on a high school basketball team. The character that Sutherland plays in his Broadway debut, as well as his friends, aren’t embarrassed by their alcoholism and general confusion. The performance is very loud and extraverted. Sometimes Sutherland’s voice is low but he is still coming across as being over bearing, as are the rest of the characters in the play.

The play also includes the men’s former coach, who is yelling at them about their former days as basketball players. “The Championship Season,” first appeared on stage at the Public Theater before it went on to Broadway. It first made its debut several decades ago, on the day before the American Watergate scandal.

Sutherland is perhaps most well-known for his role in the TV series, “24.” He is 45 years old. Sutherland was born in London, England, but would eventually move to Canada. His parents are Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas. Both are also actors. One of his grandfathers is Tommy Douglas, who is a Canadian politician credited for his role in bringing universal health care to Canada. Sutherland’s family moved to California in 1970 from England and then in 1975, Sutherland moved with his mom to Toronto, where he went to elementary school, then to high school. He went to five high schools. Sutherland would later move to Hollywood, where he became roommates with Robert Downey Jr. as both were pursuing careers as actors.

The first film that Sutherland was in is “Stand by Me.” He was the neighbourhood bully. He then went on to appear in about 70 films, including Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, A few Good Men, Young Guns, Flatliners, The Vanishing, Eye for and Eye, The Three Musketeers, Dark City, The Sentinel and A Time to Kill.

Sutherland is the father of one daughter from his first marriage to Carnelia Kath. The two were married for three years. His daughter graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts last spring and made her first appearance as an actor on HBO’s Veep. Julia Roberts and Sutherland worked together in the movie Flatliners in 1990. The pair then announced later that they were engaged to be married. Roberts ended the engagement three days before the wedding because, as she says, Sutherland was meeting with a stripper. However, Sutherland denies the stripper relationship. Roberts left to Ireland with Sutherland’s friend, Jason Patric on the day she was scheduled to marry Sutherland.

Sutherland collects guitars, mostly Gibson Les Pauls. He signed a guitar that is held by the Gibson Custom shop. Sutherland gave the introduction to Queen at VH1, where he said that the band was his favourite. He said that he has listened to Queen ever since he was a child. Sutherland is also a fan of American football. His favourite is the USC Trojans football.

3.         The Vancouver Public Library is an architectural gem that adds to the vibrancy of Vancouver, which already features some of the most amazing structures in the world. Library Square is the Central Branch for the Vancouver Public Library system is also a Federal Office and it has retail and service facilities. An entire city block is taken up by the library. The library is nine stories, rectangular shaped that has book stacks and services for the public. The site is surrounded by elliptical, free-standing, colonnaded wall that features study and reading areas that are accessed by the public via bridges and skylit light wells. There is also an internal glass façade that looks over an enclosed concourse that is formed by a second elliptical wall, which lays out the formation of the east side of the library. The library also features a glass-roofed concourse, which acts as the entry to the foyer into the library. The ground level features activities for the public, such as eating and drinking. Several coffee shops are located on the bottom floor, and there are several locations to eat. This provides people with the opportunity to have lunch or a snack as they study for school or find information they need for some other reason. There are also public areas that surround the library, where people are often busking or feeding the birds. Parking is also available below ground. Many people who park in this area aren’t necessarily going to the library, but it is a central location and those who park could be accessing many places of business. The exterior of the building looks similar to the Flavian Amphitheatre that is in Rome. This building is better known as the Colosseum. Safdie is an Israeli/Canadian who, in addition to being an architect, is an urban designer, theorist, educator and author. His most famous work is perhaps Habitat 67, which is a housing complex and model community in Montreal. It was originally created as his master’s thesis when he was at architecture school at McGill University. The building was constructed as a pavilion for Expo 67. It is a prefabricated three-dimensional set of living units, and this was a central feature of the Expo 67, as well as an important feature in the development of architectural history. In 1967, he was given the Construction Man of the Year Award from the Engineering News Record. He was also handed the Massey Medal for architecture in Canada. Moshe was born in Haifa, but he moved to Montreal in 1953. He graduated from McGill University in 1961 with a degree in architecture, (Dvir, 2012)

But he also designed buildings in Jerusalem. Among those projects are the Yad Vashem and Mamilla Mall. He would go on to teach at McGill, Yale universities and Ben Gurion. Later, he moved to Boston, which is his main office, and it was there that he became the director of the Urban Design Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of design. This is where he stayed until 1984. Then, from 1984 to 1989, he worked at Harvard as the Ian Woodner Professor of Architecture and Urban Design. Since the 1990s he has designed six major public institutions in Canada. His style is famous for their dramatic curves, geometric patterns, key placement of green and open spaces and for his use of windows.

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